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10 "Jokes" From The '90s And '00s That We Can't Believed We Laughed At

Some jokes become so popular thanks to TV and the internet that they define a decade. In the case of these 10 though, we'd really prefer it if we never heard them again.


The commercial that started this trend was obnoxious, and when everyone yelled it down the school hallways, it was even moreso.

"Yo Mama"


Because there was no better target for creative insults than someone's mother.

"Deez Nuts"


You tried to get anyone at all to say something that ended with a sound like "Deez." It was hilariously awful.

They only get more annoying from here folks...

"Is that your.. FINAL answer?"


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was a HUGE deal when it came out, and it meant everybody said this when you answered a question.



As popularized by Wayne's World, you yelled it after a comment to show that you were insincere.



Wayne's World again here. This was the line Wayne and Garth would say whenever an attractive woman passed by, which was ultimately way more creepy than funny in real life.

This Stupid Gesture


Looking at this meant a punch in the arm, and we all hated it.

Yelling "HEY STUPID!" Down The Hallway


Get it? If you turned around, it's clearly because you're stupid, not because someone just made a loud noise and turning around is a natural instinct or anything.

"You are the weakest link, goodbye."


The result of another gameshow, this was was just rude.

"How YOU doin?"


When Joey Tribbiani says it? Hilarious. When that douchebag who won't move away from your locker does it? Disgusting.

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