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10 Shows You'll Definitely Remember If You Grew Up in Canada in the 90s

If you grew up in Canada in the 90s, TVO Kids was LIFE. YTV was also life. And these shows were classics.

Sure, they may have been slightly disturbing if you look back on it, but nothing can compare to that joy you had rushing home to watch Arthur at 4pm.

Here are some of the classics you'll definitely remember.

1. Uh-Oh!

Was I the only one who had a crush on Wink Yahoo? Yes? Ok. Regardless, Uh-Oh was the standard you held all other game shows to. If you weren't cheering for the red team, you were wrong. Not to mention your weird obsession with wanting Punisher to drop buckets of goop on you in The Dump. Such a weird show.

2.George Shrinks

Not only did this show have the catchiest theme song, it also explored something on TV we hadn't seen: a perfectly proportionate boy the size of a twig. George was very inventive and he even had his own method of transportation, called the Zooper car. It could transform into an airplane, submarine, or a car. I want one.

3. Angela Anaconda

I think we can all agree that Nanette was a nasty girl. Angela just wanted to get through third grade, but Mrs Brinks had other plans. Done solely in paper cut-out animation, Angela Anaconda was...different.

4. The Big Comfy Couch

'CAUSE IT'S LUNETTE AND MOLLY! A CLOWN AND HER DOLLY! (and her weird postman and neighbour and dust bunnies that are alive!). This show, man. So iconic. We all tried to do that clock rug stretch, and tried to convince our moms that the 10 Second Tidy was plenty. But all in all, we just wanted a Molly doll.

5. Bananas in Pajamas

Confession time: this show actually scared me when I was younger. I had to learn to love it. Bananas that patrolled the beach are not something I was used to seeing. But it became a favourite for sure.

6. Mr. Dressup

Ernie Coombs was a national treasure. He brought so much joy with his Tickle Trunk. And while Truffles, Chester the Crow, and his other puppet friends were slightly off-putting, the show as a whole was just so wonderful.

7.Dudley the Dragon

Dudley was a dragon (obviously) that just woke up from centuries of hibernation and relied on his 10-year old friends to help him learn about his new surroundings. There were actually some great messages in the show about environmentalism and pro-social values. But all I remember is the Crabby Apple Tree.

8. Zoboomafoo

First off, I was in love with the Green Krat Brother (his name is Chris but I never knew that.) Second, Zomboomafoo was truly THE BEST piece of Canadian TV ever produced. Educational, hilarious, and has animals? Count me in any day of the week. If this show was still on, there's a 100% chance my PVR would be full of it.


Pingu was the best 5 minutes of everyone's day. His crazy antics and inability to say anything but "noot noot" made him so endearing. He and his buddy Robby the Seal always go on adventures and always end up in trouble. But it's fine. They're always ok.

10. Polka Dot Door/Shorts

First off, I wanted a Bibble. Second, I wanted those Bibble cookies they had. They looked like jacked up Girl Guide Cookies and I'm all for that. This show didn't really make a whole lot of sense, but that was okay. At least they spoke English. They were all either animals or...whatever Polkaroo was? And then there was Marigold who was human. To this day I don't totally understand that, but oh well.