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10 Songs You Loved As A Kid But Your Parents Absolutely Hated

When you were a kid, no doubt that you were watching and rewatching the same shows and movies over and over. Kids love knowing what to expect I guess, because we are all guilty of it.

Whatever the reason is that kids watch the same thing a thousand times is, it probably got REALLY annoying for our parents. They would set us up with a Disney classic or tune in to PBS and then cringe as they heard those same songs on repeat for hours and hours.

How did they survive? I guess they just did their best to ignore it or they heard it so much it eventually became background noise.

Which songs do you think your parents hated the most? Did any of these drive you crazy?

1. This Is The Song That Never Ends

The entire point of this song was to drive you absolutely insane so it is fair that your mom or dad probably hated it. But Lamb Chop was impossible to ignore. It just goes on and on my friend! Some people started singing it, not .. oh no! They got me.

2. Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink

So obviously we all loved Sharon, Lois, and Bram but do you think our parents did? The same songs play every time and that probably gets annoying no matter how sweet the sentiment. Who cares though, I still remember the arm gestures to go with it!

3. The Elmo's World Theme Song

This one was a little addition to the classic Sesame Street we all knew and loved because Elmo suddenly became the most popular character. I guess the Tickle Me Elmo craze really carried through all franchise opportunities. The problem was, this was one of the most irritating songs that will work its way deep into your memory and pop up at any unsuspecting moment. It's pretty brutal.

4. Big Comfy Couch Theme Song

Personally, this theme song brings me a joyful nostalgia, but that isn't how it is for everyone. The parents probably heard this song countless times, especially when the Molly dolls came out and every kid could "clown around" in the comfort of their own home.

5. I Love You, You Love Me

There is no one who was safe from this one. Even if you didn't watch Barney, you absolutely knew someone who did and they would sing it at you just to annoy you. Barney was an icon whether or not you were a fan, and this song was absolutely the one of the most well known tunes of the 90s.

There are even more songs that we tortured our parents with on the next page.

Check it out and make sure you vote on which you think was the absolute worst!

6. Teletubbies Theme Song

What were the Teletubbies? Are they aliens? Whatever they are, they were ENORMOUS and also very annoying. Even if you were watching a new episode, they did everything twice? I am pretty sure that any time a parent heard this theme song come on their TV they knew that they were in for a rough time.

7. Bananas In Pajamas Theme Song

It was one of those beats and rhyming patterns that would stick in your heard no matter how little of the song you actually heard. Once you heard those opening notes, or even just the phrase "Bananas in pajamas" you would immediately start singing the rest of it.

8. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Parents must have hated this one. Not only was it super repetitive, but it involved screaming at the top of your lungs over and over. We were just so awful to our parents.

9. Hot Potato By The Wiggles (or really anything by them)

I get that The Wiggles are a huge phenomenon that are still around to this day, but their songs are not made for adults to enjoy. Problem is, they kind of have to listen to it whether or not they want to.

10. Bananaphone - Raffi

Raffi is synonymous  with childhood. I hope kids today still listen to it, because everything he sang is obviously a classic. None were quite as important as Bananaphone, but for some reason our parents didn't find it as delightful?

Which song do you think was the most annoying?

Was there any other songs your parents complained about hearing all the time? Share in the comments and see if anyone else has the same one!