10 Things That Smell Like Your Childhood


Ever smell something that immediately takes you back to your childhood? Here's a list of 10 things your life hasn't been the same without:

1. Lip Smackers

My mom stopped buying these for me after I started eating all the good flavours.

2. Mr. Sketch Markers

Ah, the days when sniffing markers was encouraged.

3. Crayons

This smell is so distinct that every time I smell it, I am instantly brought back to colouring a dog that resembles more of a potato with legs.

4. Old Textbooks

That smell of 50-year-old dust hitting your face as soon as you open a textbook.

5. Play-Doh

Fun to play with... Also fun to eat.

6. Silly Putty

I still have no clue what the purpose of this was, but it was the best.

7. Chlorine

The international scent of summer.

8. Robitussin

The best part about being an adult is no longer having spoonfuls of this shoved in your face.

9. VHS

The plastic case VHS's came in smelled like you were about to spend 10 minutes rewinding the entire movie to get to the start.

10. L'Oreal Kids Shampoo

This is a lie, there were tears, so many tears.