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12 Mistakes From 'The Notebook' We Never Noticed Because We Were Too Busy Crying


This story of forbidden and forgotten love remains to this day a staple in movie romances, and you would be hard-pressed to find another that even comes close to the heart breaking joy that everyone felt watching this for the first time.

Maybe that's why we skimmed over these little particulars the first time we sat through this movie marvel. It doesn't matter, because now we have an excuse to go over The Notebook one more time!

1.) It's one of their most iconic scenes, but isn't it weird how they seem to move around on the road?

2.) Allie got on the rowboat with perfect hair, but soon after the storm rolls in...

3.) Ryan Gosling needed to wear brown contacts as Noah, but he missed a few scenes!

4.) It was an emotional scene, we think she can be excused for losing her earrings along the way.

5.) His daredevil stunt seemed to work, but when Allie says "Get off of me!" her lips don't seem to move. Maybe she was thinking it loudly?

6.) When Allie plays bumper cars with her friend, Sarah, she can be heard yelling out "Rachel!" instead of the actress's character name. Oops!

But these aren't the only mishaps we've caught!

7.) The classic song "I'll Be Seeing You" by Billie Holiday that they listen to throughout the film wasn't actually released until four years after the story takes place!

8.) Is that a parking meter? It's not exactly a recent invention, but South Carolina wouldn't get them for another be technical.

9.) When Allie exclaims "This place is huge" you don't actually see her mouth move until a few seconds later, as the line was added in post-production.

10.) This scene with 'Duke' has two errors; his shirt miraculously buttons itself up and the X-Rays on the screen appear to flip midway through the scene.

11.) Back to the Ferris wheel, you can actually catch a glimpse of Gosling's microphone as he dangles trying to convince Allie to go out with him. Bold move Noah...

12.) In the scene where Lon is waiting for Allie by his car, his hair seems to go from brown to black and back.

Allie and Noah end up together though, so it doesn't really matter.

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