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12 Shows You Loved To Watch As A Kid, But Have Now Completely Forgotten About

I loved watching television growing up. Really, which kid growing up through the 90s and early 2000s didn't? The times have changed, and so has the television aimed at kids, and not for the better. I'm tired of forcing my kids to watch "educational" shows with little-to-no creativity all of the time. True, it is important to get some information packed in there, but whatever happened to watching shows purely for their entertainment value?

Here are 12 shows from the 90s and early 2000s that were a joy to watch growing up, but you have likely forgotten all about them as the years have passed by.

1. Caitlin's Way: 2000-2002

Caitlin was a rebel teenager that moved from inner-city Philadelphia to the rural parts of Montana. Culture shock aside, everyone kind of wanted to be like her.

2. Radio Free Roscoe: 2003-2005

These four friends created their own "uncensored" radio show in order to challenge the status quo. It was a huge hit with their high school classmates, but it drove the administration completely bonkers. It also inspired a generation of radio personalities.

3. The Weekenders: 2000-2004

Four seventh graders who were all best friends would showcase their lives from the time they got out of school on Friday, until they would have to head back to class on Monday. It made waiting for the weekend harder for some kids.


4. Freakazoid: 1995-1997

Dexter Douglas was a 16-year-old kid from Washington DC that ended up being transformed into a superhero. It was kind of wild and wacky, but it was a lot of fun to watch.

5. Sabrina: The Animated Series: 1999-2000

A prequel cartoon adaptation to Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Her powers were not what they would become later on, but it was still kind of fun to watch.


6. Eerie, Indiana: 1991-1992

This was a great show that we were all disappointed didn't last longer. Marshall moves into a new town, Eerie, Indiana, which is suitably named as he starts finding himself in some very strange situations dealing with a variety of urban legends.

7. Flash Forward: 1995-1997

What do you get when you build a show around long time best friends who are dealing with the drama and struggles of 8th grade together, Flash Forward. It was a show a lot of young kids could relate to.

8. Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century: 1999-2001

Sherlock Holmes is one of those classic characters that will simply never go away, and we sure hope it doesn't. Holmes is brought back to life in 22nd century London, England in order to keep the peace in this futuristic world.

9. California Dreams: 1992-1996

A group of popular teenage friends form a band named the Dreams. Who didn't want to be popular and in a band at the same time?


10. Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action: 2001

The Olsen twins were everywhere during the 90s and early 2000s, including their own animated series. They portrayed Misty and Amber, special agents who went around the world fighting the forces of evil.

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11. So Weird: 1999-2001

This was one of the first Disney Channel shows to have a darker theme to it. This young girl traveled around the world with her rock-star mother, but they seem to always run into some form of paranormal activity no matter where they ended up.


12. Bug Juice: 1998-2001

This was literally The Real World, for kids. It followed several pre-teens while they were away at summer camp. It was somewhat cutting edge for its time.

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