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14 Times Frank Caliendo Proved He Was The King Of Impressions

Anyone who watched MADtv will remember Frank Caliendo. He joined the cast in 2001 and instantly shot to stardom after people realized what a master of impressions he was. His 5-year run on the show saw him play many characters, but nothing ever topped his John Madden impression.

In 2015, Caliendo signed a contract with ESPN, bringing him on to impersonate sports figures during Sunday NFL Countdown.

Caliendo also got his very own, albeit short-lived, TV series called Frank TV which he described as "The Muppets meets SCTV, meets Saturday Night Live, meets the Simpsons."

We decided to round up some of Caliendo's best impressions, and we can barely tell the difference between him and the real thing!

1. Morgan Freeman

2. Robert De Niro as Frankenstein

3. The Entire Cast of "Seinfeld"

4. Dr. Phil

5. Sean Connery

6. Jay Leno

7. Al Pacino

8. Robin Williams

9. Bill Clinton

10. George W. Bush

11. John Madden

12. John Madden Again

13. And Again

14. And one last time.

Which one was your favorite?