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18 Times ER Ripped Your Heart Out And Stomped On It

I don't think I've ever encountered a person who has never seen an episode of ER. Even if they've only seen one or two episodes, most people can give you a basic rundown of the characters.

The show was on for 15 seasons and, in my extremely humble opinion, was the best thing to ever happen to TV, bar none.

It had romance, comedy, drama, suspense, and straight up tragedy. I'm not ashamed to say I ugly cried at least once per season. It's like the writers specifically set out to hurt us.

To this day, I don't understand how Grey's Anatomy can be on Netflix and not the medical show that started it all.

It took some serious effort, but we put together 18 of the most emotional moments from the 15-year run that will be sure to make you feel all the things.

1. Love Labor Lost when Mark Greene screws up and kills a new mother.

Mark Greene was supposed to be able to fix everything and everyone. This episode had everyone at the edge of their seats with suspense. The worst part is, you kept thinking "Nah, they can't kill the mom. It won't happen. She's a mom. She just had a baby!!!!" Nope. They did.

2. When Benton Confronted Carter about his addiction.

Benton and Carter had such an interesting relationship. When Carter punched Benton, everyone's heart broke. That hug was too much for my tiny heart. That's when you knew Carter was in trouble.

3. When you find out it was Dr. Gant who was hit by the train.

Gant had been under a lot of pressure from Benton, so the assumption is he killed himself. Hearing Carter yell "OH, SWEET JESUS! OH, GOD!" still gives me chills.

4. When Dr. Ross saved that boy from the flood.

I remember being so worried this kid wouldn't make it. I should have known George Clooney would be there to save the day.

5. Carter falling to the ground after being stabbed and locking eyes with a dying Lucy.

Heart. Shattered. Lucy deserved BETTER THAN THIS. She knew the patient needed psychiatric help!!! WHY DID NO ONE LISTEN!?

6. When Dr. Greene left and told nobody it was his last shift.

Carter asked Greene if he was in tomorrow, and Greene was very cryptic. At first I wanted a bigger goodbye for Mark, but then I realized this was exactly how it should be.


Just...no. I refuse. Not okay.

8. When Dr. Romano adorably signed with Dr. Benton's son.

It roughly translates into "take care of your dad" which is adorable because Benton was going home sick. For a doctor who was known for being a hard-ass, this was a great moment. What wasn't a great moment, however...

9. Dr. Romano vs. Helicopters

You can hate Romano all you want, but this was so sad. His life was surgery. That's it. Watching him sturggle with his prosthetic was rough.

10. Dr. Romano vs Helicopters 2: This Time It's Personal

I think this was more tragic because it signified the writers were officially out of ideas. Also, why didn't Romano run? He just laid down??

11. When Carole and Doug reunited.

True love does exist. This was the end of an era. Two of the original characters were now off the show. But it was great to see they got married by season 15 and they were still living happily ever after.

12. When Ray Barnett lost his legs.

It was simultaneously happy and sad. Ray hadn't died after being hit by the truck, but he lost his legs. It was so crushing to watch Ray, who was normally so easy-going and confident, have to be helped into his own bed out of his wheelchair. The look he gives Neela is spine-tingling.

13. Luka praying while he's being held hostage.

Luka was taken hostage in Africa while he was there providing medical aid. He started praying and watching him fall so deep into his faith was incredibly powerful. The prayers ended up saving his life.

14. Neela watching the video Gallant made for her after he died.

Gallant died in Iraq after his vehicle was hit with a bomb. Watching Neela break down was too much.

15. When Greg Pratt dies and he knows he's dying and the world is terrible.

Watching him cry as his colleagues tried to save him was just gut-wrenching. Why?? WHY, ER WRITERS??

16. When prisoners escape in the ER and Abby goes into labor while Luka is trapped.

The prisoners tied Luka down to a gurney and intubated him so he couldn't speak. Then, of course, Abby starts bleeding and goes into labor right on the other side of the window. She passes out and Luka can see her, but he can't do anything about it.

17. Carter and Kem lose their baby 8 months into the pregnancy.

Baby Joshua Carter was stillborn 8 months into Kem's pregnancy. Carter would later go on to name the HIV/AIDS clinic he opened after his son.

18. The final shot of the hospital.

The end of an era.

What were some of your most emotional moments from this show? Let us know!