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Check Out These Totally Rad Clothing Commercials From The 80s!

Getting your style to the 1980's standard take a lot of skill. You apparently need to be able to dance really well while wearing clothes consisting of every bright color known to humankind. These commercials should bring back some memories of the horrors of 80's fashion! Do you remember any of these commercials playing while you watched TV? Did any of them convince into wearing their clothes? Were you "puttin' on your O.P"? Brace yourself, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Puttin' On My O.P was probably stuck in your head a lot wasn't it?

Start with the classics right? This song is already stuck in my head and I have only watched it once. I can only imagine how people felt after hearing it every second commercial break while they tried to watch their shows!

I don't understand what this Generra commercial is trying to say...

I need an 80s to 2010s translator because I don't understand what they are talking about. Although that is quite the impressive sweater hanging on his shoulders. That is the most effective way to keep warm.

Dance numbers are the best marketing tool

Who cares what they are selling as long as someone teaches me how to dance like that!

Shoes that come with free laces! It's too much!

What lucky kids! They could add a pop of color to their very plain white shoes.

Okay but why aren't you more concerned?

No big deal but when someone asks you if your pants are a specific brand and you cannot see them THAT IS NOT OKAY!

This man needs to stop.

There is about 6 different versions of this commercial. Someone gave him way too much power.

Whoever thought trying to make kids wink was a smart idea...

Was obviously right because it's perfect. Look at 0:25.

What does this have to do with jeans?

A molly Ringwald look-a-like is a strange choice.

Again... Jordache what is your plan here?

Is your plan to make us so concerned about these teens drama that we buy their pants just to make them stop?

That is a lot of fabric!

It's like silk, but better! How handy, because all my other silk shirts with shoulder pads and capes are such a pain.

"All shapes and sizes" so you too can do lunges on a chair!

Thanks Chic Jeans! Now I can expand my workout wardrobe so much more!

This pantyhose lets you do everything! Standing, sitting, stretching AND bending!

Don't make promise you can't keep now! That's a lot for one pair of pantyhose to do!

That snap is a big selling point.

The 80's were a weird time.

Oh wow. This one got me.

"Gentlemen prefer Hanes" ... are they wearing them? That's about as much as anyone can take! So which do you remember? Did any of them make you think "hey, I want that!"