20 Normal Things We Take For Granted That Would Have Seemed Insane 20 Years Ago

20 years ago, life seemed so much simpler, didn't it? No cell phones tracking your every move, accidentally drunk texting your ex at a party and you definitely didn't have to worry about who was shaming who on social media.

Well here are some of the things you wouldn't have believed if you hadn't lived to see them!

1. People would skydive from space

Do you remember in the 90's when bungee jumping was all the rage? Well Felix Baumgartner one-upped that in 2012 when he made a jump- from space! With the help of a special suit that prevented him from being vaporized on his re-entry to earth, it paved the way for Alan Eustace to jump from an even greater height in 2014.

2. We could watch everything on our phones

If you had told me that the brick of a cell phone that my mom had in her purse or my old school Nokia flip phone would one day turn into a device I could watch my favorite shows, videos and what is happening live in the world somewhere right now, I would have said you were crazy.

3. Wearable Tech

When we were growing up, high-tech working out meant getting yourself into spandex and popping in a video. Now we have Fitbits that count your steps, thumb monitors that keep track of your heart rate, Google Glass and more. All worn with the best Lululemon and Under Armor apparel while you attend your Zumba workouts or spin class.


4. Pluto would no longer be a planet

Remember in school how we learned all the planets? Ever thought that two decades later things would change and what we learned was actually wrong? The coolest planet farthest from the sun was actually demoted to a dwarf planet and not part of our solar system anymore.

5. The internet is everywhere

When you were listening to the sound of your computer dialing-up to the internet, did you ever think that you could be online in your car, at the park or even while flying in an airplane. Technology is a crazy thing!


6. Coffee is no longer just coffee

Would you like steamed milk? Whipped cream? Is it fair trade? Remember how every 90's TV series had a coffeehouse in it and they would order just a cup of coffee? Can you imagine Rachael's face if someone ordered an Americana, skim, extra hot, no whip at Central Perk? Nope, she would probably quit on the spot.

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7. Changing the channel with your smartphone

Remember arguing about who would get up to change the channel on the tube TV you had your living room? If you had told me that I could change the channel with my phone from anywhere in the room I would have been baffled.


8. Cars would drive on the moon

Forgot about the cool advancements in the auto industry on earth, 20 years ago it would have been unimaginable that we could drive a car on Mars, from the comfort of our own planet none-the-less.

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9. Ashton Kutcher would become Steve Jobs

In the late 90's two things caught our attention: Steve Jobs rejoined Apple and Ashton Kutcher filmed the pilot for That '70s Show, where he played a dumb pothead we all remember as Kelso. Today, Jobs passed away young, and Kutcher played him in a biopic. Oh, and Kelso and Jackie got married in real life. Crazy!

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It keeps getting crazier from here.

10. Censorship on TV

Remember when it was a big deal that someone would show their butt on TV or in a movie and it would then garner a "R" rating? Now we have shows like Game of Thrones and Outlander that are pushing the limits of what is appropriate to show on TV.


11. 3D Printers

Remember when being able to print on the Dot Matrix printer was a big deal? 20 years later, we can now print organs, repair parts and essentially anything your heart desire in 3D. Mind. Blown.


12. The Simpsons is going into its 29th season

Starting in 1989, who would have thought The Simpsons would be the longest running animated comedy 28 years later?


13. Digital cameras

Remember planning for prom by grabbing a couple of disposable cameras for photos with your friends before everyone went off to college somewhere? You didn't know what you were getting until the photos were developed, often weeks later. Well if you had told teenage me that years later we could take limitless photos and just delete the bad ones, I wouldn't have believed you.

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14. Text Messages

Remember passing notes in the classroom about what you're doing after school or what that cute boy said to you in the hall? These were our text messages before cell phones. Only if your teacher caught you, it would get read out in front of the class.

15. 3D TV and Movies

Not only can we print in 3D, but we can watch all our favorite actors on screen in all their 3D glory. Remember those funny red and blue glasses we would get in cereal boxes? This is a serious upgrade!

16. Music would fit in the palm of your hand

Remember the struggle of your discman not fitting your coat pocket? Or having to deal with the skip as you walked to school? Music has changed so much in the last two decades that past-you wouldn't believe the things we could do.

17. People start dating online

Remember going to a party just to meet new people? Now you can meet new people from the comfort of your couch with a simple slide to the left or right.


18. The final episode of Full House aired

Just when you think the show would go on forever, you had to find a way to lived your life without Uncle Jesse on your TV screen.

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19. Toy Story, was the first entirely computer-animated film to hit theaters

Yes, you can officially feel old because 20 years ago we wouldn't have thought that computers could make movies.

20. Bill Nye would be on Dancing with the Stars

Yes, our favorite science teacher was on the 17th season of Dancing with the Stars in 2013. He was eliminated early after an injury to his quadricep tendon on Week 3.

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What was your favorite thing from the 90's? Share with us in the comments.

Source: Babble / The Loop