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4 Things We Miss About the 90s

Photo by Girl with red hat on Unsplash

The 90s was quite an epic era when we think of it. The nostalgia we got from watching Spice Girls, rocking the hair mascara, and downing the dubious shell suits is massive and is why a lot of pop culture today is reverting back to trends first started in the 90s. The 90s was a time when ‘Californication’ by Red Hot Chilli Peppers was enough for you to throw it down on the dance floor.

Remember anticipating all day to catch up on an episode of Friends or Malcolm in the Middle? It was all worth it sneaking out of school to catch a re-run before getting a whooping from our moms.

Turn on the radio, and only Nirvana, 2Pac, and the Beastie Boys ruled the airwaves. The nostalgia from these moments is way too heavy for one to handle. Even though the 90s weren’t all perfect, there are moments we can’t let go of.

We take a trip down memory lane while revisiting memories and moments that we might have forgotten.

The Easy Life

Before the Millennials took over, life in the 90s was easy. There was no swiping on Tinder dates, stalking, or Twitter storms. It was nothing but good vibes only. Life was easy, and everyone was more relaxed.

However, it does not mean all things were rosy. It was unfortunate witnessing the Rwanda Genocide, the L. A Riots and Gulf War. Furthermore, politics took center stage with murder trials, corruption, and sex scandals. It sounds the same in 2021.

Real Life, Real People

When was the last time you had a real conversation with another human being? Chatting with a stranger on Instagram does not count. Well, life in the 90s was more friendly. It was easy to chat up with a stranger on the road.

Do not think for a minute life back then was outdated without any form of technology. We could still chat even remotely, even if it was via pagers. Some Millennials might have to Google what a pager is.

If you wanted to see someone, you took your bicycle to the road and drove to their home. There wasn’t Netflix and Chill; it was pure vibes only.


Not to diss the current generation of kids, but children in the 90s were different. Staying cooped up in the house was a punishment. Not like the current generation that remain cooped up all day playing video games or on social media.

The 90s was an adventurous time to explore the world. It was where you got your first injury scars and heartbreak. The weekends were all about exploring the outdoors on your bikes. Later on, you could hit the river for a dip.

Fun and Games

Most people are spoilt of options when it comes to having fun now. You can decide to spend your day while trying your luck at However, this was different back in the day.

We did not have any high tech PCs or PS5 to pass the time. We have friends and our imagination to keep us entertained. The thought of playing musical chairs, hopscotch, and doctor doctor makes the 90s unbeatable.