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6 Ways 90s Girls Handled Their Secrets That Feel Super Outdated Now

Sure, keeping secrets doesn't need to be a big deal, you can just not tell anyone... But what's the fun in that? Back in the 90s we went to a lot of effort to keep our secrets safe, while also sharing them with our friends.

Seems counter productive, but it worked for us! We all had our own method to help process all those angsty feelings, which was your favorite?

1. Passing Notes

The original way we all shared our secrets involved some very intricate folding techniques and often times some secret codes in case someone found the note. You might pass these during class or at recess, but it was always the best when you got one and could learn all the juicy gossip of the day.

2. Diary Notebook (Often times Lisa Frank)

If you couldn't trust your friends, you could always trust your diary! It was always there to lend an ear (or page) and you wouldn't even have to explain yourself that well because it was always on your side. The only dangerous part about these was if you didn't hide it well enough and your sister or brother knew how to pick the lock.

There were also some more High Tech ways you could keep your secrets safe:

3. Dear Diary - (Tiger)

With the safety of passwords you could keep all your secrets safe from your snooping siblings. Not only did Tiger make the coolest diary, but they also had the best electronic games around.

There are even more amazingly fun ways we kept track of all of our secrets. Click 'Next Page' to see how we used to send text messages before cell phones and to vote for your favorite!

4. My Magic Diary

So this one had all kinds of functionality in it! Not only could you store your secrets, but it also could help predict your future! It had a fortune teller function and even a match maker to see if you were compatible.

5. Girl Tech Password Journal

If you still liked to write your secrets out by hand, but wanted the added safety of the electronic systems, this was perfect! It had a voice activated system that you would have to set and then whatever you kept inside would be safe.

6. Secret Sender 6000

Before text messages were a possibility, we had to get one of these bad boys to send secrets without getting caught passing notes. These would sync up with your friends and were essentially a little messaging machine that you could send things back and forth. It looks pretty fancy!

What was the best way to deal with all your secrets?

Share with your fellow 90s kids and see which was their favorite!