9 Times Bob Barker Proved He Was The Best Game Show Host Of All Time

Bob Barker is a real  treasure and game show legend. His years as the host of Price Is Right were really something to remember. In honor of his 92nd birthday, we take a look back at some of his best moments as the host of everyone's favorite game show The Price is Right.

Whether he was dealing with the frustrating contestants, or impressively prepared, he dealt with everything with just the most wonderful disposition and humor. Check out some of his best moments below!

1. When Bob had just about enough of this lady and was genuinely shocked she managed to get it.

2. When Bob carefully explained the rules and this guy just didn't listen at all.

3. When Bob was impressed by his loyal fans.

4. When Bob had to deal with some REALLY excited people.

5. When poor Bob almost got knocked over by one contestants enthusiasm.

6. When Bob failed to catch every falling person ever.

7. When Bob surprised everyone with an April Fool's Prank that made everyone happy

8. When Bob was chased down by a fan

9. When the games didn't cooperate with him well enough, so he had to give them a little kick. Did you know he actually earned a black belt with Chuck Norris? So you know that kick is real impressive.

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