23 Photos That Will Give Every 90s Kid Serious Elementary School Flashbacks

A lot of people did not have a good high school experience, but we can all agree that elementary school was awesome.

I actually loved going to school every day. Sure, I occasionally faked sickness because I did not finish my homework the night before or I just wanted to stay home and play with a new toy, but that didn't mean I did not enjoy the days that I spent at school.

From recess and gym class to pizza day and Scholastic Book Club, there were so many rad things beside learning that got you pumped about going to school. Yes, it did look like we played more than we actually worked, but I turned out pretty great, so clearly, the system worked.

Here are 23 photos that will transport you back to your elementary school days:

1. Showing off your new outfit by getting up to sharpen your pencil with this tool


2. Parachute day was the best gym day

3. Eating this as your lunchtime dessert with the wooden spoon, of course


4. Believing the myth that the blue part could erase ink


5. This is how we "texted" each other


6. Pizza day was the best day of the week


7. Feeling joy when you walk into class and see this:


8. Entering 55318008 on the calculator

Texas Instruments

9. Dying of dysentery when playing The Oregon Trail in the computer lab

10. The excitement of receiving your Scholastic Book order

The Retroist

11. Adding a Troll doll topper to your pencil

The Loop

12. Then storing them and your other precious items in this case


13. Or this one

Comedy Central UK

14. Making shadow puppets when the overhead projector was on


15. Sniffing Mr. Sketch scented markers


16. Learning math with blocks


17. Swooning over this coloring kit


18. Mastering the art of the recorder

19. Predicting your future by playing MASH


20. Or by using an origami fortune teller


21. Spreading Elmer's glue all over your hands, then peeling it off


22. The most stressful worksheet


23. And finally, showing off your skills on the monkey bars

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How many of these did you do back in the day? Let us know!