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90's Kids Rejoice! Sweater Tights are Back in Style!

I remember those days fondly, wanting to wear your new Ariel print dress to school but your mom would force you to wear tights because it was fall and it was chilly. Luckily for our parents, tights in the 90's were often as thick as pants and helped us stay warm when we refused to dress for the season. Now those days are back! Sweater tights have returned with a vengeance, with more patterns and styles then ever. Here are a few of our favorites to inspire you to expand your fall wardrobe!

Cable Knit Tights

Cable Knit is not just for your sweaters anymore! These tights are adorable and will keep you warm and cozy while you stroll around those brisk autumn mornings.

Embrace the Argyle

Go big or go home right? These will bring the feeling of those preppy argyle sweaters back in a stylish way.

Fleece-Lined Tights

When it comes to being cozy, fleece is the answer. These fleece-lined leggings would be the perfect addition to the wardrobe of anyone who always find themselves turning up the heat.

Heavy Knitted Leggings

Use these to embrace fall while you run out for those Pumpkin Spice Lattes! These would pair well with your fall jackets and cute ankle boots.

Embrace your inner Clarissa and rock a bright color

These would be perfect for any kid in elementary school who wants to stand out on the playground - Even though they probably have no idea who Clarissa is.

Geometric Prints

This strong pattern would make an awesome statement piece this fall, and won't leave you to freeze. The thick fabric will keep you warm as you strut the street in style.

Layer for extra warmth

If your toes get extra cold, this doubled-up tights-socks-combo-style looks about as 90's as it gets and is very cute. Wear your warm socks over your warm tights and you are guaranteed to stay toasty all day.