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13 Things That People Miss From The 90s That'll Give You Serious Nostalgia

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The 90s were a pretty magical time. We had neon pants, crimped hair, and the best Nintendo games ever.

There was a Disney renaissance, TV sitcoms were epic, and the music was everything we could ever hope it would be.

Looking back, it's hard to pick just one thing that stands out as the most iconic moment of the 90s, but really you don't have to. We all have enough 90s love to remember it all.

People on Twitter spent their weekend sharing what their favorite things about the 90s were and now we are having some pretty intense flashbacks that are bringing back all the things we loved about the influential decade. Which of these was your favorite thing about the 90s?

1. Joan Cusack was everywhere

Joan Cusack had 20 roles in the 90s. That's right, in 10 years she managed to appear in 20 different productions. Some of those are TV shows, and some were movies, but either way she was everywhere.

2. Board games were very gender specific

In the 90s, kids toys were almost always separated by genders. While it was kind of annoying if you were a girl who wanted to play with dinosaurs, some of these "girlie games" were really fun.

The Dream Phone game was particularly amazing, but if you're wondering where all those guys are now don't worry, we have all the answers for you.

3. The Spice Girls were our Girl Power Goddesses

They had a whole bunch of brand deals, a few amazing CDs, a whole bunch of concerts, and the world's most epic movie made by pop stars ever. They were everything we all wanted to be and honestly the 90s would not have been the same without them.

4. The best juice you could ever imagine

Nothing in the world was more satisfying then opening up your lunchbox to see one of these beauties sitting there. It was the perfect accompaniment to go along with any sandwich or Lunchables meal, and made sure your recess would be fantastic.

5. Epic Disney Channel movies

Disney Channel was better than HBO, well, at least to us kids. They used to make all these epic and wonderful movies that we would watch over and over because they basically played them on a loop every day.

6. A satisfying physical copy of your favorite songs

Before we could get our first CD players, a lot of us were still collecting tapes. Sure, it was a real pain if you wanted to listen to a specific song, but this was back in the day when we almost always just listened to the full album anyways!

7. Wrestling was at an all time high

Obviously wrestling is still hugely popular, but there was just something about those classic 90s characters that brought us so much joy. They were the best of the best, and they all helped make the sport what it is today.

8. We loved reading scary stories

I don't know what it is about being scared that we all love so much, but for some reason it is an essential part of life. For 90s kids, nothing in the world is scarier than the Goosebumps series. Every single book had to be read, and even though they kept a lot of us up at night, it was totally worth it.

9. The Disney Renaissance brought us so many classics

There are obviously too many amazing choices to pick a favorite, but basically every movie that Disney put out in the 90s was an instant classic. The soundtracks were all amazing, the animation was perfect, and the stories were all captivating beyond belief.

10. Landlines were the only option

If you wanted to make a call, you needed to use a landline. Most of the time they were corded too, but it's okay because we got to go all out and pick the best phones ever. Whether you had a car shaped phone, a Garfield shaped phone, or a clear plastic phone

11. The Animaniacs were zany to the max

Easily one of the best shows of the decade, Animaniacs was smart, funny, and had a lot more depth than we even understood at the time. The show was perfect, and it was guaranteed to make you laugh every time you watched it.

12. Happy Meal toys were the best they've ever been

Going to McDonald's was the most exciting thing when you were a kid. You feel no shame in your excitement about it and you were always rewarded with one of the very best toys ever. Would you get bored of it almost instantly? Yes, but that's not what mattered.

13. And of course the most important day of gym class: Parachute day

There was nothing in the world more satisfying then sitting under a big rainbow parachute with all your classmates while it stayed up in a big tent. Sure, there was always that one kid who thought it was funny to let go at the last second, ruining it for the rest of us, but after they were asked to sit out it was so peaceful. It was easily one of the best days of school.

What was your favorite thing about the 90s?

Whether it was the music, the movies, or all the toys, the 90s were a great time to be alive.