A Busy Mom Tested Nutrisystem: Here's What She Learned

Raising a family is never easy. It can be hectic and often, our own health and fitness is the last thing we think about after a long day of dealing with homework and soccer practice. Kelly Albrecht, a proud mother and middle school teacher, was about to turn 50 when she realized she needed to make a change. Weight gain had crept up on her over the years and it was time to get things back on track.

"... I was worn out, out of shape and unhappy. My 50th birthday was in sight, and I felt even older than that. Someone gave me a picture and said, 'Look what a good picture this is.'... I looked old and fat."

That's when she found Nutrisystem, one of the most well tested and reliable weight loss programs on the market. Kelly finally discovered the solution to help her get her weight back to where she wanted.

"One of my teaching partners lost weight on Nutrisystem five years ago and still looks great. After trying every diet on the planet... I was frustrated and turned to my friend for advice. She assured me the food was good and the plan was easy... so I ordered my first shipment."

Nutrisystem customers receive a monthly shipment that four weeks of food. Their menu has more than 150 delicious options, including comfort foods you know and love like mac and cheese and stuffed shells. All the meals are quick to prepare. A guilt free breakfast is as easy as grabbing a snack bar or muffin on the way out the door. The foods are specially designed to include just the right amounts of lean protein, fiber and good carbs to ensure that the foods are delicious and nutritious.

After starting her Nutrisystem plan, Kelly quickly saw results. Over the course of ten months on Nutrisystem, she met her goals and is feeling better than ever:

"I am in the best shape of my life and will run my first 5K next weekend. My mantra has been 150 by 50 and I know I will make it. My husband decided that he would sign up, too, since I had had such success. We are about to be empty nesters and are looking forward to our next, more active chapter of our lives (we've been married for 26 years)."

Nutrisystem is about so much more than losing weight; it's about being confident, feeling good and living a healthy lifestyle.

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