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A Mini Spice Girls Reunion To Make All the 90s Kids Smile

Twenty years ago, five girls in really tall shoes appeared in our lives. Over the years the outfits may have changed but the Girl Power attitude remains strong, with The Spice Girls all keeping in touch and staying friends. Three of them, Emma, Mel B., and Geri gathered for a silly girls night and lucky for us, they shared the evening over social media so we could all enjoy some of our favorite pop stars' antics. Wine and cake were present as Baby, Scary and Ginger proved that friendship never ends, even after the band stops performing.

With 2016 being the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girls, people have been wondering if this girls nights hints that we should expect a reunion some time soon. Mel B was asked about the potential of a reunion tour and while there is nothing currently on the books, they hope that maybe 2017 will be a better time. In a recent appearance on Live with Kelly she explained "This would be the perfect year [for a reunion], but places get booked out this year, so what we'll hopefully do is, we're planning on doing something to celebrate next year."

The fact that the women are still friends after all these years really helps those of us who were fans feel validated for embracing the "Girl Power" life style. Geri appeared on Oprah: Where are the Now? on August 28th and was asked about her band mates and what she had thought about them then and now. She had nothing but love for the group and praised each of them for their unique talents. She also reflected on how joining the band came down to the luck of seeing an advertisement in the newspaper. Imagine if Geri never saw that? Would the Spice Girls had been as successful? Even though Geri was the first to leave the group, there is no doubt it would have been a completely different group without her and who knows if it would have had anywhere close to the same level of success.

Let's hope that we get a Spice Girl's Reunion sometime soon, and until then we will have to survive with our little mini-reunions as often as we can get them!