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A "Saved By The Bell Musical" Is In The Works And They Want The "Next Bieber" To Star

The original producer of everyone's favorite 90s teen show Saved By The Bell is back with some news about something that is pretty amazing: A Saved By The Bell Musical.

That's right, now you will get to watch Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, A.C. Slater and Lisa Turtle sing and dance their teen dramas away. Hopefully Zack still gets to break the forth wall because that would make for some very amazing musical numbers.

The original cast is obviously too old to play high school kids anymore, so we would have to deal with the fact that there are new people playing our favorite characters, but maybe it'll be great. Engel told TMZ that he has been working on it for a while, and even asked the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda, aka the creator of Hamilton and new voice of Gizmoduck, for advice.

He gave a little insight into the project, saying that if they were making this five years ago they would have wanted Justin Bieber to play Zack. He even says he offered it to him years ago when they originally thought of the idea! He says that he is too old now, but they would still like a "Justin-Bieber-type" (what ever that means) to play Zack.

He does hope that the original cast will come to the show when it opens, but for now they still need to build that cast. They want them to be between 18-22 so it's believable that they are in high school, so if you want to be in Saved By The Bell: The Musical maybe you still have a chance?

I wonder if it would be an original story line or if they would revisit one of the classics? Maybe go back and redo the one where Jesse was addicted to caffeine pills, that one was a classic. I wonder if because it was on stage they could do what they originally intended.

Does this sound like something you want to watch or do you think you'd rather stick with the good ol' cast of goofballs we all know and love? Vote here!

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