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These Abandoned Sets Of Kids Shows Look Like They Belong In A Horror Movie

When you watch a kids show, you feel like you are being transported into another world. You don't necessarily realize that these shows are fake and that it's a set, when you're really young you think that they are all really happening.

You think that if you search hard enough, maybe you can find Barney's tree house, maybe you could figure out where Lamb Chop lives, or finally find out what's under the umbrella tree.

Barney's Treehouse

But the thing we all realize eventually is that none of it was real and they had to build a bunch of sets to film the shows.

When the show ends they usually will tear the set down, but every once and a while they had built something so big that it's just not worth it to destroy. It takes too much effort, money, and time to dismantle it, so all over the world there are little hidden movie and TV show sets.

For example, you can go to the set of Popeye, the Robin Williams version, and hang out in the theme park they've turned it into.

But they don't always get turned into a theme park. Sometimes they just sit there, completely abandoned, slowly falling apart. But when someone comes across them it's almost like discovering a piece of your past.

Kid's shows have particularly unique sets, and when someone came across the abandoned set of the British show Tots TV it is almost haunting to see it completely destroyed.

Tiny Tots

Someone found where Tilly, Tom, and Tiny used to hang out, and investigated how it has held up over the years, and it's really not doing so well.

Tiny Tots reno gone wrong?

Their home was just a small cottage but since the filming of the show the floors have been removed, the windows are all smashed and the doors are missing.

Tiny Tots Abandoned
Carters News Agency

Seems like one of the Tots may have owed someone some money and not paid them, because it's been totally trashed!

Sure, it's been 20 years since the show went off the air, but it looked like it has been so many more.

Tiny Tots Abandoned
Carters News Agency

The show was intended for pre-school kids and they would watch them go on adventures. They had a magical flute, a magic sack, and countless adventures, but now their home is just a bunch of wood plants and disconnected electrical wires.

They used to sit on this little window sill together, but now it's just another hole in the wall.

Tiny Tots

It's kind of sad seeing it all dismantled, but the worst part is that it's not the only one.

Teletubbies are going for a swim?

The Teletubbies may have been loved by many toddlers, but a lot of us who were old enough to have to babysit those obsessed with it are maybe not the biggest fans.

Having to sit with a toddler who wanted to watch the same episodes eight times in a row is not really the most enjoyable thing, but we all survived.


What didn't survive was the Teletubbies home.

Even if you hated the show, you've got to admit the set was pretty cool. They had a bunch of smooth, rolling hills with their home built inside the biggest one.

It was a weird little circular dome house, where they ate their weird slop and then made a mess that was cleaned up by their sentient vacuum. But now the house looks a lot different.

Teletubbies now
Carters News Agency

The owner of the land where the set was built made the decision to destroy the Teletubbies home because "People were jumping fences and crossing cattle fields," to get to it.

People were trying to steal souvenirs from the set, but instead of trying to set up some kind of amusement park situation the farmers decided they didn't want to deal with the hassle.

Instead they flattened out some of the smaller hills, and filled in the big valley surrounding their home with water.

That's right, the Teletubbies's home is no more, unless they invest in some snorkels.

The forgotten game show

A forgotten game show called Splatalot aired in Canada, the U.K., and Australia, but the sets still stand.

Even if you've never seen the show it's pretty impressive to see. The show was kind of like Wipe Out mixed with American Gladiators, but for kids.

They had to traverse a bunch of obstacles and try not to get taken out by one of the "defenders" which were a squad of gladiators who are just there to throw you off.

The show only lasted for two seasons, so if you don't remember it, you are not alone.

But the abandoned set looks like it could be kind of cool to visit!

Which TV set do you wish you could visit?

While you may not be able to visit the set of a cartoon, you could visit an old abandoned theme park that was created to look like Bedrock. The old Flintstone's park has a few dinosaurs scattered around, the characters looking a little worse for wear, and even the iconic car.

To be honest, even buildings like hospitals and schools become freaky when they are abandoned. These buildings almost look haunted now that they have been left alone.

Even theme parks, the happiest places on Earth turn into the things of nightmares when they get left alone for too long.

Source - Daily Mail / Reddit