You Thought You Knew Their Names But You Really Don't

There are a lot of stars out there who go by one name and it is enough for everyone to know them. There is only one Cher, one Madonna and one Liberace. Obviously they weren't born that way and they do have a full name, but how many of them do you actually know? Some stars choose a whole new nickname, while others just drop the last name and hope their first name is enough to help them stand out. A lot of the time it really does work. Let's see if you know the REAL names of 15 of


Can You Still Name All The Classic Care Bears? It's Harder Than You Think!

The Care Bears are one of the greatest creations to appear in the world and it's awesome that they have stayed around all these years. There are some shows out there that just teach kids such important lessons and Care Bears always did that perfectly. The characters were all so cute, and obviously each kid had their favorite but how well do you remember them now? It's shocking how something that used to be so important to you just vanishes from your mind. I tried it myself and am heartbroken to admit I didn't do as well as I had


Want To Know The Trick To Where's Waldo? It's Easier Than You Thought!

There are very few things that are as frustrating as a Where's Waldo puzzle. Sure, you know it's intended for children. And yes, you know he is in there SOMEWHERE, but finding him is not always the easiest thing. Maybe it's just me, but I still have a bit of trouble finding that stripe-wearing guy sometimes. It's kind of like those I Spy books, where you know you should be able to find the things but you just can't.It doesn't mean I won't try! These are some of the tricky Where's Waldo images you might remember from your childhood,


Do You Think You Could Could Still Solve These I Spy Puzzles?

The best way to help a young mind develop is by challenging it with puzzles and games. The ones that were the most fun were always the I Spy books or games. They first came out in 1992 and ever since kids have been searching for thimbles and buttons in a pile of stuff for decades. Were you a master of the I Spy game? Think you can still find the objects? It's obviously intended for kids but you know what, some of them make me feel like I am blind. How did you do? Did you find them all


How Many Of These 90s One Hit Wonders Can You Name?

While some of these artists did have other songs or albums, they were never able to match the success of the song that we included, at least in the US. Scroll down to check your answers and listen to the full songs.How many did you get? Check below to see how many you got right!1. I'll Be There For You - The RembrandtsMuch better known as "The Friends Theme Song," this might just be one of the definitive songs of the 90s, entirely thanks to the lasting popularity of the show that made it famous. The Rembrandts actually


Only A REAL 90s Kid Can Ace This Quiz

The 90s were basically a magical time. There were a lot of colors, a lot of hair, and a shocking amount pop groups. The 90s had some of the best TV, the best music and so many amazing movies there is no wonder why we refuse to let it go. If you grew up in the 90s you probably are watching all your childhood favorites come back into style like Tamogatchis, classic Nintendo systems, and even some of the shows like Duck Tales! Do you think you can name all your old favorites from the past? How did you do?