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10 Times Your Favorite Stars Endorsed Products You Would Have Never Predicted

Look, everyone has to pay the bills. We all have to work if we want to buy stuff, but for celebrities, their work just happens to be a lot more public. When they have to do something a little bit embarrassing to make some cash, we all get to watch it happen.

On the plus side, they make a lot of money while they do it, but it still must be a bit awkward remembering it after the fact. Whether it's the one-hit-wonders who are just looking for something to help them return to the public eye, or someone who is just trying to make some extra cash between gigs, the fact is, money is money! Here are some of the weirdest products and endorsements that your favorite 80s and 90s stars have done over the years.

1. Mr. T and the FlavorWave Turbo

Well, it worked for George Foreman so why not give it a shot?

2. Steven Seagal's very own energy drink

It takes a lot of energy to beat up all those bad guys, sometimes even the best of the best needs a boost.

3. Sylvester Stallone's protein pudding

If you want to get buff like Stallone, apparently all you need is a nice chocolate pudding that is full of protein. Sounds appetizing I guess...

4. Whoopi Goldberg represented Poise liners


In a series of ads that portrayed women throughout history who may or may not have experienced bladder leakage. To be fair, she was trying to de-stygmatize bladder problems, but it was still a surprise at the time.

5. Snoop Dog's Hot Pocket commercial

"Drop it like it's Hot" was a hit song back in the day, but Snoop instead switched up the lyrics to say "Pocket like it's hot" and it was pretty hilarious.

Those aren't the only endorsements that will have you laughing...

6. Vanilla Ice wants you to buy his lights, lights, baby

After going through quite a lot, he managed to find some success with a renovation show. He also got himself an endorsement deal to represent a lighting collection that he created.

7. Britney Spears created a glasses line

It's not unheard of for stars to make fashion lines or even perfumes, but glasses are a little bit more rare. Britney released the glasses in 2005 and apparently she "personally picked the range."

8. *NSYNC teamed up with Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences

I guess they were pretty well known for their hair, but even still, this "*NTENSE, *NCREDIBLE" ad is still pretty awful.

9. Drew Barrymore's Crocs


The former child star has been extremely successful in her career, but that hasn't stopped her from putting her name behind the shoe company Crocs.

10. MC Hammer wants to "stop hammer time"

That's right, after all these years of stopping for hammer time, now MC Hammer wants to stop you from using hammers all together. He is the brand ambassador for 3M Command Strips which require no hammers or nails to put up.  

Were you surprised by any of these celebrity endorsement choices?