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20 Childhood Crushes Whose Posters Were Plastered All Over Our Walls

Childhood crushes are a very important thing. The first person you fall in love with when you are a kid will stick with you for the rest of your life. You will always remember the person who's pictures you cut out of magazines to post up on your wall.

We asked our readers who their first celebrity crushes were, and they were happy to share who they were obsessed with when they were younger. Check out the most popular options to see if your first crush made the cut!

1. Zach Morris


2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Paramount Pictures

3. Johnny Depp


4. Jonathon Taylor Thomas


5. Devon Sawa

Universal Pictures

6. Luke Perry


7. River Pheonix

Columbia Pictures

8. Jordan Knight

9. Shaun Cassidy

Teen Beat

10. Donnie Wahlberg

Teen Beat

But those are the only guys we were all in love with...

11. Patrick Dempsey

Buena Vista Pictures

12. Judd Nelson

Universal Pictures

13. Paul Walker

Miramax Films

14. David Bowie

15. John Stamos


16. Rob Lowe

Warner Bros.

17. Scott Baio


18. Corey Haim


19. Brian Litrell


20. Wil Wheaton


Who was your childhood crush? Share who it was in the comments to see who else was obsessed with the same person!