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Converse Announces Revival of 1970s-Style Chuck Taylor


In the 1970s, every teen and preteen remembers throwing on their Chuck Taylor shoes before presenting themselves to the world.

Converse were one of the trendiest shoe brands across the nation, and are still commonly worn today.

Even celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Tommy Lee, Gisele Bundchen, Michael J. Fox, and the late David Bowie have been spotted wearing the iconic brand.

Gisele Bundchen and Tommy Lee

Despite Converse's constantly evolving its style (but maintaining its classic look), the popular shoe brand has announced it will bring back its 1970s-style Chuck Taylor shoes, dubbed "Chuck Taylor All-Star 70 'Vintage' Collection."

With more details of the nostalgic collection emerging, die hard fans are bound to lose their mind over the new kicks.

The new collection will introduce four new pairs of the 1970s inspired shoe. It will include Chuck Taylor Hi colorways, and Chuck Taylor Low colorways, but in a wide variety of colors.

According to Sneaker News, all of the pairs of colorways will "utilize washed canvas on the upper and a yellowed midsole to truly evoke the 70s feel."

They will also bear blue and red piping on the midsole, and a unique red, white and blue branding on the insole.

However, you should be warned these Chuck Taylor shoes will set you back a pretty penny. While they are available now from Converse retailers, the fancy footwear will cost between $80 to $85.

Despite it being at a high price point, think about our future generation following in our footsteps.

Will you be scooping up a pair of 1970s-styled Chuck Taylor shoes?