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Everyone Loves Mrs. Doubtfire, But Where Is The Cast Now?

Arguably one of the best family comedies of all time, Mrs. Doubtfire was really just a gift to this world. Robin Williams brings his A-game to a premise that could have gone so very wrong, but instead, it became a classic that is still adored to this day.

The movie came out over 20 years ago, but children and adults both love it and for good reason. It is smart and goofy while also managing to be incredibly heartfelt.

It's been a while since we last saw the Hillard family, so what are they up to now? Let's find out!

Robin Williams - Daniel Hillard / Mrs. Doubtfire

We all have been missing him since he passed away in 2014. His last role was in Absolutely Anything where he voiced Denis the Dog.

Obviously we know and love him from other classics like Aladdin, Jumanji, Hook, Dead Poets Society, and his Oscar-winning role in good Will Hunting.

Sally Field - Miranda Hillard

She's now a single mom, but Miranda is trying to do what's best for the kids. It isn't easy but with the help of her new nanny Mrs. Doubtfire, she thinks she has it under control. We obviously know this isn't true, but it was super enjoyable to watch!

Sally Field is a two-time Oscar winning actress for Norma Ray and Places in the Heart. She was also in Lincoln, The Amazing Spider Man and Forest Gump. She hasn't been in anything since 2015, but I think it's fair to say she earned the break.

Pierce Brosnan - Stu

Before he got a license to kill, Pierce Brosnan was fighting of some "run by fruitings". Do you think that was how they knew he could handle the action sequences?

Obviously he has gone on to be James Bond for several movies and also appeared in Mamma Mia, The Son, and of course Remmington Steele.

Lisa Jakub - Lydia Hillard

The oldest of the Hillard children, Lydia has a hard time accepting her father leaving home. But she does a good job playing along when she finds out.

After Mrs. Doubtfire, she was in Independence Day, George Lucas in Love and Matinee. She hasn't acted since 2000, and is currently living in New Jersey with her husband and is now a writer.

Matthew Lawrence - Chris Hillard

The Lawrence boys seemed to be EVERYWHERE in the 90s. Matthew Lawrence played Chris as the perfect angst-ridden preteen boy, and ever since he has been acting consistently.

He had a part in Boy Meets World, The Hot Chick, and even Melissa & Joey with his brother Joey Lawrence.

Mara Wilson - Natalie Hillard

Little Natalie was the sweetest part about this movie. Mara Wilson was the cutest little kid who seemed to be everywhere for a while. She starred in Matilda, Miricle on 34th Street and A Simple Wish all before she hit puberty.

In 2000 she took a break from acting and ended up going to New York University. She now writes a lot of plays, fiction and blogs and occasionally she has done a few episodes of The Nostalgia Chick, where they discuss items from the past as well as a voice over role in BoJack Horseman.

Harvey Fierstein - Frank

Daniel's trusty brother and expert special effects makeup artist really helps this whole movie come together. His part is short but its absolutely one of the best parts of the movie. Maybe I am just a sucker for a montage, but this one is exceptional.

He is also known for his role in Independence Day, and his voice over roles in Mulan and The Times of Harvey Milk. Most recently he played Edna Turnblad in Hairspray Live!

Robert Prosky - Mr. Lundy

It's the dream right? To have the boss just see you goofing off and then give you the opportunity of a lifetime? Well that's what happens to Daniel and he only almost messes it up when he accidentally gets drunk in his weird switcheroo act.

Since Mrs. Doubtfire he was in a lot of other shows and movies including Veronica's Closet, The Practice and K Street. Unfortunately he passed away in 2008 at the age of 77.

Anne Haney - Mrs. Sellner

She was around long before Mrs. Doubtfire, with rols in Matlock, Lime Street and Our House. After completing the movie she went on to star in L.A. Law for a run, Leaving L.A. , and of course, Liar Liar. She passed away in 2001 at the age of 67.

How many times have you watched Mrs. Doubtfire?  Probably a lot right? If not, you should probably go watch it again right away.

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