12 Holiday Commercials From The 90s That Will Give You Christmas Flashbacks

Christmas only comes once a year and it's really hard to miss, but our favorite brands and stores have always made sure to remind us of the occasion through their holiday-themed commercials.

In the 90s, these Christmas commercials not only tried to sell you a product, they really made you feel the spirit of the holidays. Some were tear-jerkers, and others got catchy tunes stuck in your head, but we loved them all nonetheless.

Here are 12 holiday commercials from the 90s that will make you feel a pang of Christmas nostalgia:

1. Amazon

This commercial is the retailer’s sneaky way of making sure that every kid had a catchy jingle to recite every time someone asked them what they would like for Christmas.

2. Game Boy Pocket

Even back in the 90s, old people never saw eye to eye with the young, but thanks to Game Boy Pocket, Christmas 1997 was peaceful.

3. Energizer

The Energizer Bunny saved Christmas 1995 by waking Santa up when he overslept on the only day that he actually had to go to work.

4. McDonald’s

I don’t think a clown walking away with a child into the silent night would sit well with parents today, but the overall message is undeniably sweet.

5. Mac

Apple wanted to let everyone know that dealing with a PC is the real nightmare before Christmas.

6. Sega Genesis

I’m not sure if a Sega Genesis is worth having all the kids in the neighborhood show up at your door, but guess the kid’s reaction was worth it for the parents.

The commercials don't just end here...

7. Oreo

Even Santa knows the cream filling is the best part of an Oreo.

8. Bounty

Ok Santa, you can’t just go around making a mess in people’s homes.

9. Blockbuster

Even if we all bought Christmas gifts from Blockbuster, it still wouldn’t be enough to save it.

10. Christmas Crunch

Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch was the perfect breakfast food for the holiday season because not only did they say it is part of a balanced diet, but every box came with a secret present!

11. Kmart

Funny? No. Catchy and memorable? Yes. After all, Rosie O'Donnell put on her dancing shoes for this.

12. Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Christmas trucks making their way across snowy landscapes were one of the most memorable parts of watching TV during the holidays. They were a welcome reminder that the "Holidays Are Coming" and were a special part of our childhoods.

Do you remember watching these Christmas commercials on TV in the 90s?