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Jimmy Eat World Kinda Regret Their Band Name, Share The Story Behind It


If you hear the lyrics "It just takes some time, little girl," you probably can't help but continue off into the rest of the song, right?

'The Middle' is one of those songs that seemed to completely take over the radio for a while and still pops into all of our heads when we least expect it. I don't know how many times I've heard someone say, "Hey," only to start auto-completing their sentence in my head with, "Don't write yourself off yet."

However the band recently revealed that they may have one big regret about their rise to fame, and it all revolves around their name.

They sent out a simple tweet that was some advice to new bands:

The post reads: "Advice for new bands: When coming up with a band name, make sure it’s acronym displayed really large on your artwork or t-shirts won’t be complicating matters. You’re welcome."

It's not something I've ever thought about until now, but if you look at what their letters would spell out if they were capitalized, you can see why it would cause a bit of confusion.

You'd think they would have thought of that when they named their band, but as we learned in later tweets, they sure did not give it much thought.

The band tweeted out how they came up with the name. "A little history on how we came up with the band name: We were rehearsing in my garage (Zach here) and Jim told us we got asked to play a party in the storage room of Name Brand Exchange in Mesa on Southern and Val Vista in Feb of 94."

They obviously didn't have a lot of time to come up with anything.

"So we took a break from the garage and huddled around our kitchen island and decided to play the show but at that time," the tweet explained. "We hadn’t yet sorted out a name so we needed to figure that out ASAP."

They got their inspiration from friends of theirs.

"Tom and Rick (who wasn’t in the band quite yet) played in a band together that would change their name for every show," the tweets continued. "Me, zach, would go to a lot of those shows and I was there when they called themselves 'Jimmy Eat World' and it stuck with me."

The name got thrown around at their meeting.

"So I’m not sure who threw that name out but it was brought up and we discussed it for less than 5 min, no sh*t, we decided to call ourselves Jimmy Eat World so we could play this dumb a** party. My memory was that it was a Valentines Day Party but not sure."

Less than a five minute discussion decided their band name for decades.

"So moral of the story: even seemingly small and insignificant decisions can be much bigger than you could imagine," they said. "Slow down sometimes and make sure it’s right."

But they were quick to clarify that they don't regret it.

"And I’m not saying our name is not “right” but when we have to design Merch or artwork I often wish we would have deliberated a bit more. Thanks for listening. Xoxo."

While they may wish they had more freedom with their designs, I think we can all agree that the name is the perfect amount of weird that helped it stay in our heads for all these years.

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