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Misfits Are Reuniting, And It Feels Like Halloween Has Come Early

If you were someone who was into punk rock at all in the late 70s or the 80s, then chances are at some point in your life you've spent some of your parents's hard-earned money on some Misfits gear.


The iconic legends of punk rock (who are often credited with creating the horror punk subgenre) were one of the major success stories to come out of the punk scene at the time, thanks to their creepy image, singer Glenn Danzig's classic voice that echoed singers like Jim Morrison of The Doors, and the guitar riffs laid down by Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.


Unfortunately, good things are not meant to last, and the Misfits soon found themselves in a perpetual debate over ownership of the band after Danzig left to pursue a heavy metal career. Over the years a rotating lineup of musicians has been recording music under the name, often with the only original member of the band being founding bassist Jerry Only.

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However, it looks like old wounds are beginning to heal: the band not only reunited for some festival appearances in 2016 and 2017, but they've also announced the first date in what's promising to be one of the most popular tours of the season!

Calling themselves "The Original Misfits," the current incarnation of the band features the return of all three of its most iconic members: Glenn Danzig on vocals, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein on guitar, and Jerry Only on bass. This is the lineup that played several festivals last year, and now they've announced a headlining date!

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Misfits will play the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, on Saturday, May 19, their first time appearing in their home state in 35 years. Support will come from California punk/metal titans Suicidal Tendencies, as well as 80s hardcore punk act Murphy's Law.

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According to Alternative Press:

"Billed as the classic Misfits lineup's 'triumphant return to where it all began' and their 'only area performance,' the band teased the NYC-area show over the weekend when Live Nation NYC posted the Misfits logo to their social media pages with the hashtag #ALLHELLSGONNABREAKLOOSE."

At the time of writing this article, tickets are due to go on sale on Friday.

Are you excited for a Misfits reunion?