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No One Remembers This Mario TV Show, But It Might Be The Strangest Thing Ever Made

No one seems to remember this bizarre piece of television history. Everyone who I have ever asked about this show denies that it existed, but obviously it was a real thing because I am not capable of making it up, it's too weird. Maybe people are just trying to forget it because of how awful it was? What show am I talking about? The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! And yes, the exclamation point is part of the title.

The show only lasted one season, but wow did it ever leave an impression (on those who haven't blocked it out). Basically it was a cartoon about everyone's favorite plumber brothers, but the part that really stands out in my memory (or scars it) was the live action portion. That's right, there was a part of each episode where they would have two full grown, middle-aged men dressed in matching overalls solving plumbing problems.

Each episode would start with the live action part with Mario and Luigi working at the "Mario Bros. Plumbing" company. They would be visited by a celebrity guest star (like Cindy Lauper pictured below) with some kind of plumbing problem. Then the show would flip into the "Super Mario Bros." cartoon segment where they would have adventures just like the video game.

The very best part of the cartoon part was when Mario and Luigi needed some extra power so they would do their secret handshake and sing this song: "Patty-cake, Patty-cake, Pasta-Man! Gimme Pasta power as fast as you can!" Apparently the Pasta-Man gave them a lot of power...But I just have SO many questions about who this mysterious Pasta-Man is and why doesn't he have his own show?

On Fridays the Super Mario Bros. portion would be switched out for a Legend of Zelda cartoon so there would be a bigger variety in the 65 episodes.

In the 1990-91 television season, the show was changed up. They removed the live action sequences and instead added in "Club Mario" which featured teenagers instead of the two older actors. No one liked this so they quickly went back to the original format for any reruns.

Mario All Stars came out in 1993 which was a compressed version of The Super Marios Bros. Super Show! and the Super Mario World TV shows. It was re-released on the Family Channel again in 1997, and even included the live action parts.

You might be wondering, "What kind of theme song did this crazy show have?" Well, have no fear, it was called "The Plumber Rap" and is exactly as weird as you want it to be.

Who remembers this insane show? Honestly, it's just a relief to know that I wasn't imagining it. It's pretty ridiculous right?

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