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Robin Williams' Will Prevented An Aladdin Sequel, But There's Still More Genie To See

The tragic passing of Robin Williams was a loss a lot of people are still mourning. He really was a comedic genius and deserves to be remembered as such. A lot of people are upset because they are making a sequel to one of Williams' most famous movies, Jumanji, and obviously he won't be involved.

While the cast said that there was a definite tribute to Williams in the movie, it just won't be the same without his presence. With Hollywood's obsession with reboots, a lot of people are worried about his other franchises, but there is one specific role that Williams made sure to protect in his will.

He was a true icon, and one of his very best roles was of course Genie in Aladdin. While we know that a live action version of Aladdin is in the works, what a lot of people don't know is that Disney was contemplating making a 4th installment of the cartoon series too.

Instead of replacing Robin Williams, a former Disney executive has revealed that they had so much extra footage of him improvising as Genie that they were thinking of just using that, but unfortunately there was a problem.


There are hours and hours of extra footage of the star doing impressions and jokes that have never been heard, but Williams was very smart with his legacy and made arrangements that has halted Disney's potential sequel quickly.

In Robin Williams' will, he made a very specific request that no one can use his performances whether voice recordings or taped in new movies for 25 years after his death.


The Disney exec who came forward says that it has to do with his desire to be the final vote. "Now, because he insisted on a final say on such material, [the jokes] will remain in the vaults."

This rule also prevents his family from getting any penalties on posthumous earnings.

There are a few moments of these secret outtakes that ARE available to see and wow are they ever great.

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Robin Williams was an amazingly talented human. Hearing him make all of these up on the spot is absolutely hilarious.

While the version that they made is 100% perfect as is, it's interesting to see some other options that could have been.

Are you glad that Robin is keeping his outtakes out of the public eye? Or do you wish you could see them?