8 Facts About Sarah Michelle Gellar And Freddie Prinze Jr That Prove They Are The Cutest


After celebrating their 15-year anniversary last September, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. still remain our favorite 90s couple ever. Although we haven't heard much from these two, they have the cutest relationship ever, trust me. Here are eight things about their relationship you might have not known.

Their romance was an accident.

The two first met on the set of their 1997 movie, I Know What You Did Last Summer, but they didn't actually start dating until three years later. "We had made plans for dinner with a mutual friend and the person canceled," Sarah told People Magazine about their first date. "We decided to have dinner anyway and never looked back."

Time working together.

The first time they worked together was on I Know What You Did Last Summer, but starred together in 2002’s Scooby-Doo and 2004’s Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed as on-screen love interests Daphne and Fred. They now both do voice-overs for the animated series Star Wars Rebels.

Their wedding.

They dated for one year before they got engaged. In 2002 they got married in Mexico, and the director of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Adam Shankman, officiated the wedding.

The name change.

In 2007, on their fifth wedding anniversary, Gellar finally legally changed her name to Sarah Michelle Prinze. If you had no idea this happened, it's probably because she still goes by Sarah Michelle Geller for work and on social media.

Divorce rumors.

Shortly after celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary, the two were faced with tabloid rumors that their storied romance was coming to an end. The reports came about after Freddie Prinze Jr. underwent spinal surgery with the source saying, “Sarah took care of him when he couldn’t get out of bed, but as time went on and his injuries healed, she noticed he was in no rush to return to work. Since then, Freddie’s grown content on the couch, playing video games instead of getting paid to voice them.” Of course, the rumors were not true, and they are still happy.

They're still rich.

Even though they aren't acting very much anymore, their bank accounts don't show for it. The two have an estimated net worth of $34 million combined. That comes from Freddie’s $19 million and Sarah’s $15 million. If I were them, I would probably had quit acting as well!

Home life.

In 2009 they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Charlotte, and in 2012 a son, named Rocky. They are very private so we don't see a lot of the kids but there have been times they post about them on social media.


Yes, there is a reason you almost forgot about these two. Since their marriage, they have always been very private about their lives together. They live a quiet life in L.A. with their two kids. We occasionally see them talk about how cute they are i interviews, an some social media posts.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are everything we could have ever hoped for Daphne and Fred. They live the cutest life possible and are still madly in love, judging from every interview they've ever been in, where they always gush about each other.

Our favorite 90s couple is still around and better than ever.