20 Ace Ventura Moments That Will Make You Laugh Even If You Hate Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey was one of the biggest actors of the 90s. He was adored by people everywhere for his rubber-like face and his impeccable comedic timing. Warner Bros. Lately, people have kind of cooled off on Jim Carrey. They don't love when celebrities take political stances so his popularity has fallen into the background. The thing is, no matter what you think about Jim Carrey you have to admit one thing: Ace Ventura is one of the greatest characters ever. Warner Bros. There are countless quotable moments that will make you laugh so hard it hurts. Seriously, it's just too


She Was A Huge Star In The 1980s, So Why Did Sean Young Leave Hollywood?

When Ridley Scott went looking for the perfect actress to play the android who was "more human than human," he settled on dancer and actress Sean Young.While Young's part as Rachel in Blade Runner was just her third film role, starring alongside Harrison Ford in the sci-fi epic made her an instant star. While she's arguably most famous for this breakout role, Young had no trouble finding jobs in Hollywood in the '80s.Young as Rachel in 'Blade Runner.'Warner Bros.She starred with Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman in No Way Out, where a fiery love