Corey Feldman Stabbed, Hospitalized - LAPD Call It "Attempted Murder" - Updated

Updated at 12:55 PMCorey Feldman was a popular actor in the 80s, starring in movies like The Goonies and The Lost Boys, but today people aren't focusing on his career, they are instead praying for his recovery. On Tuesday March 27th, Corey Feldman was attacked and stabbed in his car. He survived, and was rushed to the hospital, but he has a lot to say about the attacks. On Wednesday morning after the attack, once he was stabilized, he tweeted out a message to his fans. "IM IN THE HOSPITAL! I WAS ATTACKED 2NITE! A MAN OPENED MY CAR


Tupac's Murder Weapon Was Found, But No One Knows Where It Is

On September 7, 1996, Tupac Shakur was murdered. The 25-year-old rapper was fatally shot during a drive-by in Las Vegas. Shakur was struck four times with .40 caliber rounds fired from a Glock. Sun UKShakur was in a car with Suge Knight, when they were stopped by Las Vegas police officers for playing their stereo too loud at 11:05 p.m. They were released a few minutes later without being cited, and just 10 minutes later, a four-door white Cadillac pulled up next to Knight and Shakur, rolled down a window, and opened fire. Las Vegas 360Tupac Shakur's death