10 Facts About "Elf" You'll Love More Than Maple Syrup

Before you get all "THAT'S NOT A THROWBACK" on me, let me remind you that Elf came out in 2003, making it 14 years old. That, in my books, is plenty of time for us to feel intense nostalgia over what is arguably Will Ferrell's best work ever. Slash FilmThough the movie is pretty popular, there are some things you may not have known about the Christmas classic!1. Role StoleHot FlickIt may seem impossible to picture anyone else as Buddy the Elf, but the part was not meant for Will Ferrell at all. The first script was written in


11 Signs You've 100% Turned Into Clark Griswold At Christmas

We all want to give our family a fun-filled Christmas, but how do we know when we've taken it too far? The holidays can be a stressful time that many of us survive with the help of Tylenol and alcohol. That's why it's fun to sit back, relax and watch a Christmas movie that we can all have a chuckle to. As the years go on, the random laughter becomes something more relateable, because we realize exactly how Clark is feeling during the holidays. With crazy family situations, dealing with your boss around the holidays and getting your house ready,


11 Drinking Games For Christmas Movies That'll Black You Out in 0.2 Seconds

As the holiday season rolls around, a lot of us love to drown our sorrows in alcohol (which isn't just a holiday thing, but I digress).However, drinking eggnog that is 80% rum isn't always socially acceptable. That's why we are so thankful for these people who created drinking games for our favorite Christmas movies. We're going to watch them anyways, so why not make them 50 times better?1. A Christmas StoryShe Knows2. Christmas VacationSome E-Cards3. Home AloneSome E-Cards4. Home Alone 2Some ECards5. Love ActuallyBuzzfeed6. Jingle All The WaySome E-Cards7. ElfSome E-Cards8. The Santa ClauseSome E-Cards9. Any Hallmark MovieBrittany