Garth Brooks Pretending To Be Chris Gaines Is Honestly Just Peak '90s

Everyone has heard of Garth Brooks. Whether you listened to him when you were younger, or your parents were obsessed with him, Garth Brooks was everywhere in the 90s. ART+MarketingThe one thing a lot of people seem to forget is that Brooks took a little break from country music to attempt to have a rock and roll career. He left behind his cowboy hat and his signature goatee while he fully immersed himself in the rock lifestyle, complete with a new name. WideOpenCountryChris Gaines was Brooks' "rock and roll" character that he decided to take on, but not a


The Backstreets Boys Just Won A Country Music Award And We're Just As Confused As You Are

The Backstreet Boys are easily the best boy band to have ever existed. We all know this, we all have accepted this, and we all continue to enjoy everything they do. Case in point, their new song is a total jam and I recommend it without hesitation. However, there is a song that I didn't realize had happened, and a performance that I somehow missed last year that's now getting attention again and I'm honestly in shock. APThis year at the Country Music Awards, the Backstreet Boys were nominated for an award. Yes. The COUNTRY Music Awards not only invited