15 Creepy Toys That Would Absolutely Traumatize The Kids Who Owned Them

We had a lot of fantastic toys growing up. Whether we wanted dolls, video games or anything in between, there were thousands of options for us. But honestly, some of them shouldn't exist. Some toys are just too creepy to believe the were real. Who approved these? Who thought these would make good educational or emotionally beneficial toys for kids to play with? Seriously, I would like to have a word with the people who created these 15 products. Why would you build this nightmare machine?Blaze PressIs this supposed to be a recreation of the movie Alien? Viral NovaEven


10 Of The Weirdest Dolls Of The 90s That You Desperately Wanted To Own

The collections of dolls we all had in the 90s were pretty outstanding. There were a bunch of different options to choose from depending on your interests, price limit, and just how crazy you wanted it to be. They also all kind of looked the same no matter who made them...There was everything from a doll who could somersault, a doll who could full on roller-skate, and even a few different ones that would use a toilet.  Let's see how many of these weird dolls you remember! 1. Baby Tumbles SurpriseYou know what, you probably shouldn't teach young


Remember Cabbage Patch Kids? They're 31 Years Old

Cabbage Patch Kids were THE hottest toy of the 80s. If you didn't get a Cabbage Patch doll for Christmas, honestly what was the point? But do you remember when they FIRST came out? These dolls used to be handmade and solely out of cloth. Xavier Roberts sold them at local craft fairs. This is an interview from 1983 on the TODAY show, where someone had to actually explain what a Cabbage Patch doll was!! Wild, right?Do you still have your Cabbage Patch dolls? Let us know!