Ever Wonder What Happened To These Iconic Movie Props?

Movie magic is when the cast and crew of a studio are able to make an audience believe something extraordinary, using only the bare minimum to achieve the impossible. Some of the most memorable moments in film history have been thanks to a few well-made props that ended up becoming classic tropes in Hollywood. But what happens when their screen time is over and the director yells cut?Here's the weird and tragic endings for those famous pieces of cinema history!The Heart of the Ocean - TitanicThrillistThe incredible jewel that ties together the love triangle is what sparked the


12 Things From The '90s You Have To Explain To Your Kids

Ahhhh, the good ol' 90s. Full of surprise events and crazy products that had us scratching our heads. Now it's time to pass on the wisdom. You'll have to explain everything to your kids, but here are 12 things they're going to be really confused about. As a parent, it's your job to clear things up. 1. This monstrosity: Dance Music NWThere's no denying that these were comfortable, but how was this fashionable? Looking like I'm wearing my older brother's jeans is by no means attractive. 2. The floppy disk. YouTubeNo kids, it's not the save button. How many times