More Than 25 Years Since 'Home Alone' Came Out, The Inside Of The McCallister House Looks Better Than Ever

There are some movies that have iconic settings that we remember for all time. Whether it's a school, a boat, or a house, the location is usually an incredibly important factor. The movie Home Alone features one of the most memorable houses ever. 20th Century FoxThe thought of being alone in that house when we were kids was kind of insane. It was an enormous house that if it wasn't being burgled would have been a total dream to spend the week in alone. 20th Century FoxThe real house used for filming was located in Illinois in the village of


You Can Party Like It's 1999 Forever If You Buy This Amazing 90s Themed Mansion

You know how a lot of people keep saying that they wish they could still be living in the 90s? Well, it's time to put their money where their mouth is because there is a house for sale that is basically like walking into a time portal.Look at it! ZillowIn Waterford, Michigan, a huge 10,000 square-foot house has been listed for sale and every single square inch of it looks as though it is straight out of the 90s. Needless to say, it's absolutely amazing. ZillowSure, you may be thinking "don't most houses have to be painted in


I Can't Believe How Much These 12 Classic TV Homes Would Really Cost

Before everyone started complaining about how much Monica and Rachel's apartment in New York would really cost, we were happy to accept the illusion that all the families on TV just happened to live in nicer homes than the rest of us.Maybe people in Hollywood just have a skewed perspective on things, but looking back at some of these shows it really is amazing the prime real estate the characters on our favorite shows could afford. It's hard to work out exactly how much these homes were worth when the show first aired, but it's easier to tell how


10 Things Every 90s Kids Absolutely Needed In their Kitchen

When you were growing up, you probably didn't have a lot of choice about what the house looked like. Your parents did all the decorating and had all the money so if you wanted something to be worked in to the style you would have to make a good case for it. The easiest thing to convince them to buy was always kitchen stuff. You could almost always make the excuse that you NEED plates, and you NEED cool cups, and above all else, you NEED silly straws. There are some things that were in pretty much every home. Everyone