It's Been 15 Years Since He Was Bond, James Bond, So Where Did Pierce Brosnan Go?

Pierce Brosnan is part of the exclusive list of actors who have played the infamous character of James Bond on the big screen. Film HoekFrom the early 90s to 2002, its seemed like this suave actor was everywhere. From Mrs. DoubtfireDaily Mailto Dante's PeakYouTubeand The Thomas Crown AffairThe Suites of James BondPiece Brosnan was clearly at the center of great movies in the 90s. Since he passed the Bond torch to Daniel Craig, Brosnan hasn't been as visible as he once was. So where did he go?While Brosnan hasn't quit acting, he is nowhere near the fame he was


15 Movie Facts That Sound Fake But Are 100% True

Thanks to the internet, there are all sorts of crazy secrets we can find out about our favorite stars and movies, but every once and a while you come across a fact that just sounds too out there to possibly be true. Sometimes they even turn out to actually be fake, but that's not the case for these 15 wild pieces of movie trivia.1. James Cameron was a truck driver, until he saw Star WarsWe can thank Star Wars for giving us theseWikimedia Commons / 20th Century Fox / TriStar Pictures / Paramount PicturesJames Cameron has given us some of the greatest