John Goodman Opens Up About How His TV Wife Helped Him Beat His Addiction

John Goodman was basically America's dad. His portrayal of Dan Conner made us all feel like he was the best dad in the world, and we all wished he was around for us like he was there for his kids. However, in real life, Goodman has struggled with some really big issues that he has opened up about a fair bit. Goodman even credits his Roseanne costars as helping him come out on the other side. Roseanne Barr is well know for her honesty and when it comes to her friends, she's not afraid to step in when they need


The First Official Photos Of 'The Conners' Are Here To Get Us Ready For The Premiere

It's been quite the summer for the Conner family, and starting on Tuesday, October 16th, we will be able to see just how they have handled it. After the sudden cancellation of Roseanne following Roseanne Barr's racist comments, the network was forced to figure out a way to bring back the rest of the cast without the controversial star. They made a deal with Roseanne Barr, purchasing the rights of her characters so they could create a new show called The Conners that would explore how the family would move on after the matriarch was no longer around. We learned


John Goodman Opens Up About 'Roseanne' Controversy, Gives More Details About Spin-Off

The Roseanne reboot was one of those things that people were nervous about, but when it actually started airing, people seemed to love it. That was until Roseanne Barr tweeted offensive messages and got the show canceled. People were disappointed about the cancellation, but ABC quickly found a way to remedy the situation. After buying out Barr's rights to the show, they were able to create a new spin-off called The Conners, which features all of the cast from Roseanne, except for Barr herself. So now that everyone will be back starting on October 16th, people have started trying to