7 Things You Didn't Know About John Stamos That Will Make You Say "Have Mercy"

John Stamos is an absolute legend. His hair alone used to cause complete and total commotion! The actor was a staple in the 80s and 90s thanks to his charming smile and the lovable characters he played.GiphyHow much do you know about the actor himself? He's a lot more than just Uncle Jesse! Let's take a look at the man behind the mullet! John Stamos can play the drumsGoodwill of Orange County / Lisa Renee PhotographyHe isn't acting when he plays the drums in Full House! He actually can play the instrument so well that he once went on tour


Uncle Jesse And Aunt Becky Were The Best Couple Of The 90s, And Keep Proving It 30 Years Later

When you think back to all the most famous couples of the 90s, I'm sure a few stand out. Sure, Ross and Rachel were popular, and the whole Brenda/Kelly/Dylan love triangle was interesting, but there was one relationship that has proven to truly stand the test of time. When Uncle Jesse met Danny Tanner's new Wake Up, San Francisco co-host, Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson, the whole world shifted. It was like everything fell into place. There were harps playing beautiful melodies, the sun came out from behind a thunderous cloud, and everyone on the planet felt some peace. Jesse