There's No Crying In Baseball - And 11 Other Facts About 'A League Of Their Own'

A comedy film about an all-women baseball league in the 1940s isn't your typical recipe for box office gold.But when A League of Their Own landed in theaters in 1992 it quickly became a hit, and today it ranks among the best sports movies of all time.Even if your family has been playing their VHS tape of this movie nonstop since it came out (like mine have) you'll probably be surprised by these 11 facts about the film.1. The extras in the Hall of Fame scene were actual AAGPBL playersColumbia PicturesWhen Dottie is touring the AAGPBL exhibit


Tom Hanks Discussed The "Impactful Ending" Of 'Toy Story 4' And Now We're Terrified

Tom Hanks is basically America's Sweetheart. I know that title is usually reserved for whatever young ingenue is starting to gain popularity in Hollywood, but let's be honest here, no one is more beloved than the one and only Mr. Tom Hanks. He's given us some of the most amazing performances of any actor, with his films ranging from emotional heavy-hitters like Forrest Gump to iconic comedies like Big. Hanks is one of those actors that is impossible to dislike and it seems like every time we hear more from him, we all love him a bit more. Right now,


The First Photo Of Tom Hanks As Mister Rogers Was Released And We're Ready To Be His Neighbor

I think we can all agree that the world is kind of a rough place these days. With all the craziness happening in the news and all around the world, a lot of us just need an escape. It's often nice to slip into our memories, and try to focus on the things we used to love as kids, simply because they are a lot more pure and innocent than the things we think about now. One of the most universally loved shows of all time was Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. He taught us how to be kind and understanding, and