How McDonald's Got Tim Burton Fired From The Batman Series

Looking back, it's hard to believe that a director like Tim Burton was allowed within 10 feet of a multimillion dollar superhero franchise. Tim Burton directs Michael Keaton in this behind-the-scenes shot.Warner BrothersBefore these movies were the box office juggernauts that we know and love today, Warner Brothers took a big risk on the director to helm Batman. Burton's success with Pee-wee's Big Adventure seemed to promise that he could make a fun, family movie do big business.The comedy grossed $40 million, with just a $7 million budget.Sinema TurkBut in fact it was Burton's dark and edgy


John Lithgow Was Almost The Joker

Everyone remembers Jack Nicholson as the perfect villain in the classic 1989 Batman movie directed by Tim Burton. Michael Keaton played Batman and for a lot of kids he is their definitive version of the classic character. Personally Adam West will always be my favorite, but to each their own. Warner BrosNicholson played the Joker and he played him very well. The big smile, the goofy dancing, and that iconic laugh. All of it was pretty amazing, but it actually could have been a lot different than we remember. IMDBSure, Michael Keaton wasn't the only person Burton had in mind


13 Times We All Related To The Cartoon Beetlejuice More Than We Wanted To

The Beetlejuice movie was such a classic it's hard to top it. Michael Keaton was just unbelievable as the titular character and while it was hard to top him, the cartoon version found a new spin on him that was just as good. The cartoon was the favorite of so many kids, thanks to its goofy, wacky and at times dark humor that was all inspired by the Tim Burton hit. Beetlejuice in this show was just as bizarre as the original, but now he didn't have to worry about a human body and CGI problems, everything was animated and