Woody Allen Married His 27-Year-Old Step-Daughter Because "The Heart Wants What It Wants"

While being known as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, Woody Allen has led a life of both triumph, and shame.The acclaimed writer, actor, and producer faced a public backlash like no other when his marriage to Mia Farrow began to fall apart at the seams, bringing forward accusations that shook the reputation of the once-beloved Hollywood icon.New York TimesWhile both Allen and Farrow were dating (the pair were never formally married), they shared custody over their biological child, Satchel, and two adopted children, Dylan and Moshe.At the time of their relationship, Farrow had five


6 'Annie Hall' Facts That Change How You Will See The Movie

It has been called one of Woody Allen's best films to date, and is definitely been one of his most profitable. But there's a lot that went into making this classic movie that many people have no idea about, and there's a good chance that if even one of these things changed we wouldn't have had the masterpiece that came out of wacky coincidences and last-minute decisions. Here's why the making of Annie Hall is one of the most Woody Allen projects to date!It was nearly a completely different movie called "Anhedonia"OzyThe now famous romantic comedy film was