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The Casino Influence on Pop Culture

Popular culture is a phenomenon that has been around for as long as people have been around. Nowadays, it’s made up of several elements that continually expand as new generations come around. Films, games, literature, music, and more influence pop culture.

Casinos have been around for some time and they are a notable influence on pop culture too. These casinos are mostly online nowadays as there are loads of sites offering a myriad of games on the net. They come in various shapes and sizes and cater to all sorts of casino players. Some prefer slots while others prefer live dealer titles or table games such as poker, baccarat, or blackjack. Some even offer tips and trick such as a blackjack strategy that you can use, poker tips and tricks, various betting systems, and more.

Nevertheless, casinos still influence pop culture in many ways. Here are some of the sectors where that’s visible:

Casinos and Gaming

The world of gaming draws inspiration from various sources as many video game titles attest. In that regard, the casino influence can be seen in the world of gaming as some titles feature casino games, based on in-game titles of casino titles as well as casino locations.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an example of the first instance. This is a game set in the Wild West where players can roam the Wild West completing all sorts of missions. You’ll get to be a cowboy and experience the Wild West in a beautiful and brutal fashion. When you’re not roaming around the arid wasteland you can take a break by playing poker or blackjack in one of the nearby saloons and hotels.

The second Red Dead game lets you play these casino games and if you’re good enough, you’ll earn some dollars you can spend on your character. You can even cheat in these games and if you’re caught you’ll be in for a classic saloon fight.

Another example of the casino's influence on gaming is visible in Fallout: New Vegas. In this post–apocalyptic version of Vegas you’ll get to visit the desert and get rid of mutants and other enemies as you complete objectives. You also have several casinos available where you can enjoy blackjack, poker, and roulette. Some of these locations also feature slot machines and the rewards range from gear for your character to items that replenish your character’s strength and stamina. If you’re an amazing player, you will get a key to one of the suites in the hotels.

Casinos have also inspired game developers to create their own card games based on casino games. Pazaak is a game that comes to mind in which you will need to beat an NPC by having a value of 20 or around 20 when playing the game in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Due to the rules, it’s evident that the developers took inspiration from blackjack. There are other examples of the casino's influence on gaming.

Casinos and Film

The world of films and TV shows has also been under the casino influence. Some titles center on certain casino games such as poker or roulette. Croupier is one such example and it follows the life of a croupier and the things that happen to him when he’s on and away from his roulette table. On the other hand, you have Rounders, which is a film that focuses on poker. The main character loses all he has on an illegal poker game and tries to go down the right path, but all that changes when his friend gets out of jail and he starts playing again. Another example of a film based on a casino story is the film called 21, which focuses on the real story of the MIT Blackjack team.

Casinos and Literature

The world of literature features lots of examples of casino influence as well. The world of comics features a character called Gambit that’s quite fond of casino games. Dostoyevsky remains one of the most popular authors in the world and he used to be a roulette fan. His first book – The Gambler centers on that experience.

All things considered, the casino influence is present in pop culture and will continue to be an influential force.