The Top Retro Games That Have Gained Popularity Again

With a range of new consoles hitting the market, from the Nintendo Switch, to Xbox X and PlayStation 4 Pro, there are so many new games and experiences available to today’s generation of players. Yet, with all the new technology about, there has been a huge trend around retro gaming in which more people than ever are going out of their way to search for and buy old consoles and games. This market trend has become so prevalent that even gaming giant Nintendo Corporation have recently been working to shut down websites hosting old gaming codes so that they can open their own platform and provide a back catalogue of old and cherished titles.

So what are these games that everyone seems to be turning back to? And with all of the new games and technologies about, why are people still so keen to play old games?

The draw to retro games

A recent psychological study suggests that Generation X are been drawn to these retro games in order to take a trip down memory lane. The study suggests that playing games from the past and from childhood helps the gamer to feel closer to their friends, family, childhood homes and even who they once used to be. These gamers who are most likely in their 30’s can feel lonely and isolated, so by heading back to their cherished video games, it brings a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

Another simple and rather more cheerful reason that gamers are being drawn to retro games is simply due to the old soundtracks being used. Old style game soundtracks were developed in a particular way know as chip tune, in which the sounds are catchy and repetitive, making it easy for the player to concentrate while getting the tune stuck in their head. This was just another clever tactic that keeps players coming back for more.

Whilst it’s clear why the older generations are drawn back to retro games, the younger generations also seem to be being drawn in at a fascinating rate. It seems that the simpler game structure, more basic graphics and remnants of the good old days of video gaming and traditional casino games are just too good to ignore.

Which retro games are most popular?

Retro casino games

Whilst many casinos around the world have become modern leisure experiences, incorporating bars and restaurants, hundreds of different casino games and having their own land resorts, it can be easy to lose the effect they once had as a lavish and upmarket traditional venue where people would dress up and have an evening out at the casino.

However, as today’s online gaming market is so saturated, many online casinos are coming up with new and unique ways to keep players interested and away from the competition. One of the ways this is being done is through historic gaming experiences, whereby all the glamour and class are brought back to the experience, whilst still allowing the player to benefit from 21st century top class games with incredible graphics, new challenges and plenty of ways to stay entertained from the comfort of your own sofa. Slot games in particular have been designed to have a retro feel, with themes based upon legendary tv shows, films and music artists such as Elvis.

Online casinos in a way have developed from classic casino games such as Vegas Stake and Hollywood Poker, both games were popular in the late 1900’s. The graphics have by far come a long way since then and with online casino sites now offering a variety of bonuses and promotions and a variety of games including the traditional classics like blackjack, baccarat, poker, craps and roulette, it’s no wonder players try their luck at these websites as they soak up the glamour of the past and the luxuries of 21st century gaming for that nostalgic feel.

Retro PC games

Do you remember being able to spend hours in your room as a child, getting lost in the worlds of your favourite games; forgetting about school, homework and not having a care in the world? It seems that many of us would love to go back to that carefree way and shrug of the responsibilities of adult life for a while. That’s why old PC games are also coming back, with many now being sold for a small fortune on the likes of EBay.

For those that were lucky enough to actually keep their old gaming consoles, now’s the time to venture up into the attic and dust off those PCs, GameCube’s and Play Station’s and bring out the likes of Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Kings Quest.

Back to Simplicity

Today’s generation of kids have grown up with frequent patches, security updates and hour long download and install times, however retro games were much more simple. Gone are the days where you could simply buy a game, race home and put it into the console. Today’s gamers are used to downloading the latest updates and releases, running bug fixes and waiting hours for their game to install as modern games carry an increasing amount of data and graphics.

Overall, whilst there are many benefits to new games, from improved graphics, higher quality experiences and far more challenges and adventures than games of the 90’s and 2000’s, it seems that you simply can’t beat retro games as they bring back a sense of simplicity we had in the past. Whether it’s nostalgia and a longing to go back to old times for the older generations, or a longing to have been a part of those older, classic times for the younger generations, there’s no denying that retro games are back and most likely here to stay.