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There's A Bob Ross Board Game For Anyone Who Wants To Reach Maximum Chill

2017 has seen the revival of many gems from our childhoods, and now everyone's beloved art instructor Bob Ross is making a comeback in the most unexpected way.

By no means would anyone who grew up watching Bob Ross on television ever liken him to the competitive type. I mean, there's no way painting "happy little trees" could be made into a competition, or so you thought.


There's a "Bob Ross: The Art of Chill" board game available for purchase, and we have been struggling to stay chill since finding out about its existence.

The game, obviously inspired by Ross's show The Joy of Painting, challenges two to four players to earn "chill points" by creating landscapes like "Almighty Mountains" and "Happy Little Trees" using brushes and colors from their hand of cards.

Sounds easy, right? Well, there's a catch: Players should finish the portrait before Bob does. The player with the maximum number of "chill points" wins.

Just like Bob's work on the show, the game requires some strategy, but the gentle artist is there every step of the way to offer "sage encouragement and bonus opportunities for even more chill."

We don't really know how people can manage to maintain a relaxed persona while competing for points, but it actually seems to be working for some and the game already has many fans.

The combination that is the lack of actual painting, and trying to beat Bob at what he does best is what makes this game a hit.

"Seriously, the game is great. Takes a bit extra to learn from the get go, but once you get into it, it is a masterpiece," wrote one reviewer. "You get the opportunity to finish one of his paintings but he does. Without the messy clean up. It's Bob Ross. Nuff said."

Apparently, the only downside to the game is that learning the instructions could make you lose your cool a bit, but it gets easier once you start playing. Honestly, we don't mind because we will take anything that brings Bob Ross back into our lives. If we do screw up, we will just have to remember that "there are no mistakes, just happy accidents."

The game is available at Target for $24.99, but it is most likely to be sold out. In that case, you can buy it on Amazon.com for $42.99.

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