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What Are The Best Slot Games Based On Throwback Films?

Photo by Mohammed Kabir on Unsplash

As exciting as a couple of rounds of online slots can be, sometimes you just want something more familiar to keep you engrossed in a game.

Most online slot players would admit a little extra something visually is essential to the slot game experience. When those visuals are from your favourite classic film, you’re really onto a winner.

Movies and slots go hand in hand. The glitz and glamour of the casino world (even if it is virtual) meshes naturally with the bright lights of Hollywood. It’s why even today you see developers publishing casino games based on modern blockbusters, from Marvel’s Avengers to Jurassic World.

But what about classic films? The ones that characterized your childhood, helped you imagine magical worlds and seemed so enticing even if you were too young to watch them. Let’s take a look at the best slot games based on these throwback films.

How to spot a good slot site

Before you take a trip back in time and start playing these classic slot games, you need to know what a great slot site looks like.

There are so many options out there (seriously, thousands of film tie-in games for you to play) that it can be difficult to find a site that works for you and is worth the money.

First and foremost, a great slot site looks good and feels safe. Look out for an SSL certificate (more on those here if you’re not familiar) and make sure there are lots of different payment options available. Most importantly, if a site feels dodgy, get out. There’s no point in taking the risk with personal information.

Then you need to consider the selection of games. If the library is threadbare, it can be the sign of a low-effort site designed to scam well-meaning players. You want somewhere recognizable with the options of a casino on the Vegas Strip. Would you really walk into a casino with one dusty old slot machine? Didn’t think so.

Finally, you can always rely on reviews and blogs for advice on the best slot sites. Affiliate sites such as feature dedicated lists of the best slot machines online that are constantly updated with new industry starlets. Never play a game with no reviews. A lack of feedback can be a huge sign a company has something to hide.

Now, let’s dive into what titles to play:


Let’s kick off our list with a childhood classic.

Ghostbusters is a classic 80’s movie that is still just as quotable today.

At the time the special effects were superb (genuinely), the characters beloved and the theme tune as unbelievably catchy as it is campy.

It makes sense then that this cinematic gem full of memorable characters and quotes should make a brilliant online slot game.

The developer IGT’s Ghostbusters is packed with references to the 1984 classic, with digitised appearances from Venkman, Zeddemore and Barrett, not to mention, of course, Slimer.

A great slot game is about more than the visuals though, and Ghostbusters is chocked full of unique bonus rounds and special symbols to mix up your gaming experience. The Ghost Battle bonus sees you fighting against a spooky spectre to earn rewards and prizes down the line. Zuul Free Spins, on the other hand, involves a final battle against the Gatekeeper of Gozer for even more Ghost Wilds bonuses.

A faithful translation that will be just as appealing to slot players as children of the 80s. Strap on your proton pack and start spinning.

Terminator 2

One of the most iconic (and coolest) action heroes of all time is also something of a slot game icon.

The Terminator didn’t just blow away enemies when the first film landed in 1984, it blew away audiences who had never seen anything like the special effects and (increasingly believable) terrifying plot. The sequel only built on this absolute classic, turning Arnie’s titular cyborg assassin from an iconic villain into a beloved hero.

It’s hard for any game to ever live up to the rollercoaster ride that is James Cameron’s classic, but this slot version of Terminator 2 is a tremendously faithful and adventurous adaptation.

Featuring original clips from the film, a thrilling 80s soundtrack and the ominous presence of the T-1000 Terminator, this is a slick production that’s a pleasure to play, even if you’re only loosely aware of the franchise.

Of course, a great slot game is set apart by its special features. This title has the T-800 Vision, a bonus lucky players receive at random. The bonus helps you win cash prizes, and even luckier players who get a single scatter while using this Vision will win even more spins.

Slick, futuristic and endlessly fun, you’ll certainly be… back.


From one legend of sci-fi to another.

Robocop may have reported for duty a few years after the original Terminator arrived in theatres, but the classic film helped boost the genre further, setting the tone for years of classics that are equally action-heavy and socially conscious.

Just like the movie that inspired it, the Robocop slot game has become a cult favourite for its fast-paced action and endless thrills.

The Robocop game is usually just a quick search away on any top gambling website, with the classic PlayTech edition being a fan-favourite of high rollers. This version has a 5-reel, 25 pay-line slot adorned with cartoon-style graphics that help capture the feel of the bleak and wacky world of Delta City.

With loads of classic characters and unique scatter bonuses, Robocop is certainly a lot more fun than a round of Nukem!

As long as there are casino slot games, there will be developers producing classic film tie-ins.  There’s something here for everyone, from fans of classic 80s action flicks to goofy comedy obsessives. There are just our top picks, what are yours?