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What The 70s And 80s Were Really Like, According To A National Geographic Photographer

It's easy to think about the technological changes that have happened over the last few decades. TVs are bigger, phones are smaller (and portable), and there's all sorts of conveniences we just didn't have back then.

What we often forget though is that things even LOOKED different back in the day, as photographer Nathan Benn documented in his book Kodachrome Memory. Check out some of the pictures!

This look could easily come from the 30s or 50s, but it was actually the 70s

New Haven, VT (1973)Nathan Benn

Rural areas were pretty interesting too

Pattison, Mississippi (1973)Nathan Benn

Being a mom hasn't changed much, but fashion sure has

Hannibal, MS (1976)Nathan Benn

The rest of the photos are some pretty intense throwbacks...

Buildings definitely had an interesting look to them

East St. Louis, IL (1977)Nathan Benn

Check out that view!

Collier County, FL (1981)Nathan Benn

Car designs have come a long way

Cape Canaveral, FL (1981)Nathan Benn

Things definitely weren't great for everyone though...

Miami, FL (1981)Nathan Benn

The 80s: when we all dressed our dogs up like elephants

Miami, FL (1981)Nathan Benn

...Okay, what the hell is this?

Natchez, MS (1983)Nathan Benn

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