What's This? "Nightmare Before Christmas" Is Coming Back Into Our Lives (Sort Of)

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those cult classics that everyone seems to know and love. It wasn't the biggest financial success right off the bat, but over the years it has found its following and now is one of the most beloved movies of its kind.

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The movie might be one of Tim Burton's most notable films but there's a lot of things people didn't actually know about it.

First of all, he didn't actually direct it

Tim Burton was in the process of making Batman Returns so the director of the film was actually Henry Selick. Burton was a producer and created all the characters and the story.

He got the idea after seeing holiday decorations combining in stores

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He noticed that the Christmas decor would often overlap with the leftover Halloween decorations so he thought that it would be fun to tell a story about Halloween forcing its way into Christmas.

It was supposed to be a TV special

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Like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town, Burton originally intended for the movie to go straight to TV. But none of the TV studios wanted it. It wasn't until he pitched it as a feature film that studios became interested.

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The songs were shot before the script was done

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Danny Elfman completed the songs before the rest of the script was totally ready so they were shot first, starting with "What's This?" One minute of the movie took about a week to shoot because there are 24 frames per second.

It took over 20 years to finish

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Between the creation of the characters, finding a studio, and the three years it took to film The Nightmare Before Christmas was in the books for over two decades.

But how are they bringing it back?

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The Nightmare Before Christmas came out almost 25 years ago, and to honor that they have decided to revisit all your favorite characters from Halloween Town. They will be revisiting the characters you know and love but in a brand new medium you might not expect: Comics!

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It won't be out until Spring 2018 but that's fine because then it'll during the 25th year. Kind of a nice way to celebrate the big anniversary!

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The new story will be called The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey and it will follow around the adorable little ghost dog as he takes a trip around Christmas Town.  

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It will be released as full-color issues and as a collected graphic novel so depending on how you prefer your collections you have options.

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